Stefan Djordjevic – Mini Startups Course


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The course is taught by Stefan Djordjevic, Founder @ Martian and Former UX Designer @ Apple / Project Analyst @ NASA.



Stefan Djordjevic – Mini Startups

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Learn to build small tech companies from scratch

Our curriculum helps entrepreneurs launch simple, profitable startups. No coding necessary.

It’s like getting a business, marketing, legal, and UI/UX degree in one.

Topics Covered

  • Sourcing free/discounted developers
  • Reddit guerrilla marketing
  • Finding hidden app niches
  • Making app prototypes in <1hr
  • Game theory, persuasion, and neuro-hacking


  • Crystal (medication + symptom tracker)
  • Accept (web-based point-of-sale)
  • Jade (mobile EMR for doctors)
  • CHICKEN (group video messaging app)
  • Breathe (5-minute meditation app)
  • Vigor & Whim (ecommerce site for home decor)
    Leslie (stealth)


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