Stefan Palios - The Growth Blueprint for Freelancers Coaches Creators
Stefan Palios – The Growth Blueprint for Freelancers Coaches Creators
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Stefan Palios – The Growth Blueprint for Freelancers Coaches Creators



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What You’ll Discover
Although the Growth Blueprint is a 6-week course, the community is permanent.


Week 1: The Success Mindsets and Behaviors

Success is within reach. Realize that We’re concentrating on sales psychology in the first week to help you grasp what sales is truly all about and what does, in fact, sell. We’ll discuss the essentials of personal branding before concluding with the crucial three points for luring in and closing ideal clients.



Week 2: An Introduction to Success-Supporting Tools

Although you are a force to be reckoned with, you don’t have to do everything yourself. We’ll cover six essential technologies that will spare you hours a week of pointless administrative work in week two. The Wave, your powerful tool for reintroducing humanity into the process of pitching your services to potential clients, will then be introduced after we discuss how to quickly and easily understand your target clientele.



Week 3: Quick Closing Techniques for Huge ($10,000+) Deals

This week, we’ll get more detailed about using The Wave to quickly get to know prospects and close a sizable ($10,000+ deal). Then, we’ll discuss how to demonstrate your concern for possible clients and two approaches to deal scoping that leave everyone feeling at ease and prepared to move forward. Finally, we’ll discuss the 14 client red flags to watch out for as well as the seven most frequent client objections you might encounter.



Week 4: Proposals and Closing

This is the critical time when we convert prospects into customers. What’s best? It’s simply a continuation of the cozy, simple, and approachable manner of marketing that we’ve already discussed. There’s no need for tricks; just keep being your wonderful, compassionate self. We’ll discuss ways to make sure that everyone’s time is respected, we’ll discuss the elements of a great proposal, and then we’ll discuss how to develop proposals that get people to say YES right away.



Week 5: Creating Client Funnels, Personal Positioning, and Social Media Marketing

So you know how to spot issues and become the client’s go-to solution. But how about getting people to come to your door? This week is focused entirely on that. We’ll go over more than 15 various methods for attracting possibilities, including growth hacking, social media marketing, content marketing, and more. We’ll also cover how to boost your personal brand so that anyone seeking for you can find you quickly. Then, we’ll discuss the fundamentals of building incredibly lucrative partnerships that consistently and with little to no work deliver ideal to you.



Week 6: Accepting the Right Clients and Contracts

How you manage your time and energy is one of the real keys to success in independent business, freelancing, and coaching. By avoiding clients who are a lousy fit, you may spend your attention on clients who are more lucrative. Both you and your clients are better protected when you have solid contracts. This week, we’ll discuss how to spot unsuitable clients and steer clear of them before discussing the 18 provisions you must include in client contracts (along with templates and examples!).





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