Stephen Hockman – Mastering On-Page SEO
Stephen Hockman – Mastering On-Page SEO
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Stephen Hockman – Mastering On-Page SEO



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Stephen Hockman of SEO Chatter has over 15 years of experience in affiliate marketing.

He’s grown many affiliate sites, been through Google penalties, recently sold a niche site, written a book, and is currently building an SEO site in public, all the while sharing his strategies.

He’s full of practical advice on SEO, content creation, and link building that you can actually use and implement today. He shares unique tips on starting up new websites the right way, internal linking, SEO, site structure, and a whole lot more.

Stephen previously came on the blog for this written interview, but this time he joins Jared Bauman on the podcast to share even more about his recent experiences.

He has just sold a 1-year-old affiliate site, built on a fresh domain, for over $100K!

Stephen shares the step-by-step process of how he pulled it off, including keyword and topic research, article structure, and on-page SEO. Best of all, he has plenty of practical tips on how to do it on a small budget.






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