Stephen Houraghan – Brand Master Workshops
Stephen Houraghan – Brand Master Workshops
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Stephen Houraghan – Brand Master Workshops



What You Get?




  • Brand Strategy Fundamentals
  • How To Sell Brand Strategy Workshops
  • How To Structure Sales, Discovery & Workshops
  • How To Facilitate Your Workshop Like A Pro
  • How To Coach Strategy To Create Better Clients
  • How To Deliver Workshop Exercises Step-By-Step
  • How To Increase You Average Client Invoice
  • How To Deliver Your Workshop Review
  • How To Uncover Marketing Opportunities
  • How To Deliver Your Brand Strategy




  • The Workshop Presentation Deck & Exercises
  • The Workshop Summary Deck
  • Brand Strategy Delivery Document



With 12 modules and over 75+ videos, The Strategy Workshop MasterClass is the most comprehensive strategy workshop program on the market anywhere.

From advanced facilitation techniques to granular step-by-step exercisesprocesses, workshop structure, review, delivery and more.

The Strategy Workshop MasterClass is everything you need to run brand strategy workshops that produce brands your clients believe in.