Steve Chandler - Online Coaching Prosperity School
Steve Chandler – Online Coaching Prosperity School
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Steve Chandler – Online Coaching Prosperity School



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This comprehensive, content-rich downloadable video and audio program includes many hours of instruction from Steve Chandler and a stellar cast of extremely successful coaches, all of whom are alumni of this institution. It also includes all the tips, ideas, strategies, and client-enrollment, practice-building principles that have made the live versions of the ACS (Advanced Client Systems) famous for more than ten years.



“This school is so amazing, I kept having complete practices,” the student said. I ultimately wrote a book about it and included a lot of the things I had learnt at his school.



Don’t even consider joining. Join…Period. You won’t be sorry if you take the risk for both you and your clients.


Here is the justification for calling Steve Chandler “The Godfather of Coaching.” You cannot help but change after spending time with him, both personally and professionally.



Karkout, Amir



Amir Karkouti


A person who wrote Lessons From My Coach


in addition, what are the three principles?






Our 16 visiting teachers offer their unique tips, tricks, and frameworks for attracting customers and developing a successful coaching business.

All of these excellent and prosperous coaches are alumni of this institution, and they all possess innovative, beneficial ideas for transforming the formerly challenging “sales and marketing” process into a fulfilling life of developing relationships and filling a coaching practice one client at a time.

What the program accomplishes:

* Steve Chandler teaches you the fundamental ideas and cutting-edge techniques for developing a successful practice, as described in his books, including Reinventing Yourself, The Prosperous Coach (co-authored with Rich Litvin), and 50 Ways to Build Great Relationships.



* 94 distinct, motivating, two-minute video recommendations from Steve on how to attract clients for you to watch (one per morning), which will help this school’s influence last for months after the initial lessons have been seen and heard.



* Steve’s top ten transformational audio programs, chosen specifically to help you grow your coaching practice, your self-assurance, and your positive outlook.



* Sixteen different Guest Teacher video lessons in which Steve draws out of each great coach their deepest and most imaginative methods to client creation. Additionally, they document how they overcame financial hardship to achieve financial success and exactly what they did (and what you can do right now) to find techniques for attracting clients that were easygoing, kind, and pleasant.




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