Steve Olsher – Closing From the Stage
Steve Olsher – Closing From the Stage
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Steve Olsher – Closing From the Stage



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Even if you don’t consider yourself a professional speaker.
Even if you are an introvert and shiver at the thought of public speaking.
Even if you’ve been speaking for years and aren’t reaping the benefits (yet).
I was up next.
I felt butterflies in my stomach and my heart was pounding as if I was running a marathon.
Climbing the stairs of the stage, I felt an intense heat in my chest and I was already sweating.
I was super excited, but the stress was making it hard to breathe.
There I was, climbing the stairs to the stage to my first major speech.
In the audience, over 500 eager faces were waiting for tactical strategies, and proven knowledge bombs that could accelerate the growth of their businesses.
Dance music started playing… just like I asked.
I stepped out on that stage, and just like that… my stress vanished!
I felt complete freedom… speaking, presenting and DANCING my life away!
Of course, I stumbled. I bumbled for way too long. Even forgot some parts of my presentation.
Yet, at the end, I made my first offer… attempting to CLOSE from the stage for the first time in my life…


After I was done, I came off the stage, and out of 500 people…
… there were 12 who raised their hands and invested in my offer!
I was selling a $1,000 product, so I made an easy $12,000 flapping my inexperienced gums in just an hour’s worth of work…
The crazy part?
I wasn’t the first speaker, so I didn’t have “first-speaker advantage”.
Most of the audience didn’t know me and this was literally the first time they had ever heard my name.
And, yet, I sold over $12,000 worth of product (an online course that had almost zero fulfillment cost), without the usual “rah-rah“ pushy sales pitches.
I was over the moon!
Never before had I earned that much money in so little time.
So what happened next dropped like an anvil on my stomach…
Backstage, I ran into my personal friend and advisor Larry Winget…
… a LEGEND in the professional speaker game, a member of the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame with decades of experience.
Well, he looked at me the way a father would look at his 6-year old who was caught with his hand in the cookie jar.
He said:
“Don’t ever dance like that on stage again. It makes you look like an idiot!”
In that moment, after his harsh (but true) comments, I realized two things:
  • If you want to close from the stage, pulling big paydays within mere hours, you need to practice, practice, practice.
  • There is a VAST world of opportunity to generate new business and revenue leveraging the power of stages (physical & virtuals ones… more on that in a bit).
Hell, if wet-behind-the-ears me could generate $12,000 in my FIRST speech ever while “looking like an idiot”…
… imagine what I could do if I sharpened my skills and became a MUCH better presenter?
From that point on, I made it my mission to watch, and learn from, as many different speakers as I possibly could. I attended hundreds of events. Bought every available course on the subject and read every book there is on speaking, selling from the stage and mastering presentations.


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