Steve - TTC Forex University
Steve – TTC Forex University
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Steve – TTC Forex University



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Watch this video if you want to avoid the “black hole” of YouTube video searches and go straight to the PRO FOREX TRADER.

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1. I’m seeking for 300 suffering traders who are willing to leave the YouTube search void and phony IG gurus behind and join PRO FOREX TRADING.


2. You can enroll in the TTC Forex University for a one-time, discounted price of 75% if you are one of the first 300 traders to do so.


3. There is a rigorous cap of 300 students. Why? Because I will be providing email coaching support for each student, if we have too many students, you won’t get the attention you need to achieve.

How much does it cost and what is included?


Obtain Quick Access to…


Basics Mastery Course, valued at $497.


2 – Technical Analysis Mastery Course, valued at $197.


3. Strategy Mastery Course (worth $1,497).


Backtesting Mastery Course, level 4, is worth $497.


5 – Risk Management Mastery Course, worth $197


Sixth: Trading Psychology Mastery Course (worth $197)


The Trading Plan Mastery Course, item no. 7, is worth $497.


8 – “BONUS” Priority Email Coaching Support For Life (retail value of $497)

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Only 300 spots are available for this early access launch, with a 75% discount…


The Finest Forex Training You’ll Ever Need

What I taught an Australian trader named Matt is exactly what you will learn in the TTC Forex University, I promise.

Matt arrived at TTC having made some pretty typical trading errors.


Strategy No. 1

Managing Risks is No. 2

Three: Trading psychology


But after putting in a lot of effort and using what he had learned at TTC

Matt not only developed into a consistently successful trader.


However, he also launched a YouTube channel where he teaches the art of trading to his over 23,000 YouTube subscribers under the channel The Art Of Trading.


Additionally, Matt was consulted by Global Prime as a subject matter expert on Forex and Tradingview’s Pine Script Editor. Matt and I have since become friends and have plans to work together shortly.


The TTC Forex University Is For Whom?


* Let’s start by discussing who it is not for. If you still have a “get rich quick” mentality and don’t intend to devote a significant amount of time, energy, and effort to learning how to trade, then this university is not for you.


But if you’re a trader who is just starting out or has been having trouble for a while, this university is definitely for you.


If you are ready to study hard to become a Forex Trading Badass and master the art of trading, this university is definitely for you!





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