Steven Kotler - Zero to Dangerous
Steven Kotler – Zero to Dangerous
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Steven Kotler – Zero to Dangerous



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We understand! It’s not because of you. We’re here to assist you.
To create a potent solution, we’ve blended the most powerful parts of executive coaching with scientific research and cutting-edge digital delivery.

The underlying issue is not just massive, but it also affects everything, all of the time:

Only 2.3 hours a day are productive for the average knowledge worker.

They spend half a day every week duplicating work from the previous week.

Every hour, they check their email 36 times.

Every day, they are interrupted 56 times.

They waste 36 hours every month in pointless meetings.

Then there’s the fact that the average knowledge worker gets interrupted every 11 minutes (and it takes up to 23 minutes to get back into focus after a disruption).


At every turn, the modern office snatches your attention and undermines your best intentions. Your focus, on the other hand, is the key to achieving optimal performance.


You’ll recover your attention and prioritize flow in Zero-to-Dangerous.

From there, you might be able to accomplish more in the next year than other people do in their whole career.


For entrepreneurs and executives battling with distraction, self-sabotage, and uncertainty, Zero to Dangerous is a neuroscience-based peak performance training program.

“This workshop would have saved me so much time, money, heartache, and aggravation if I had taken it ten years ago. I’m irritated that I didn’t do this sooner! It’ll almost certainly boost my earnings by millions of dollars.”

Max Tucker

SCRIBE’s CEO and four-time New York Times best-selling author


What Is the Process of Getting From Zero to Dangerous?

There are three primary features in Zero to Dangerous that will assist you in achieving your objectives.



Exercises & Daily Content

You’ll learn the world’s most cutting-edge, science-based tactics for achieving peak performance in work and life in just eight weeks. Our framework will help you get meaningful results quickly by freeing up time, decreasing overwhelm, and allowing you to operate in flow throughout the day!



PhD Coaching on a Personal Level

Over the course of eight weeks, you’ll work one-on-one with a PhD-level psychologist or neuroscientist coach. Our coaches are all world-class professionals who will push you to achieve your goals and go above and beyond.



Group Coaching & Community for Life

Our PhD-level coaches lead live group coaching sessions once a week. Imagine being a part of a network of high-performing business executives that hold you accountable and provide you with support and criticism. You’ll have unlimited access for the rest of your life, and all time zones will be accommodated.












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