Suzi McAlpine - The Leader's Map
Suzi McAlpine – The Leader’s Map
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Suzi McAlpine – The Leader’s Map



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Welcome to THE LEADER’s MAP

The blended online programme for emerging leaders

who are the emerging leaders in your organisation?

Do they have the leadership skills to fly, not flop?

Are they “too busy” for leadership training?






Here’s a staggering fact: 44 percent of emerging leaders feel unprepared for their role. And 87 percent wish they’d had more training beforehand.

With that in mind, The Leader’s Map is for anyone in a role where skilled leadership is critical for success, including:-

✔ First time leaders in your organisation

✔ Mid level leaders looking to improve their leadership capability

✔ Aspiring leaders soon to move into their first leadership role

✔ Leaders with little or no prior leadership training

✔ Leaders who are under performing or struggling with some aspect of their role

Provide leadership training and support BEFORE your leaders set sail, and you’ll not only increase their confidence and capability, you’ll improve the performance of their team too.

Why a leadership programme with an online component?

The link between learning programmes and leader quality is 46 percent stronger when technology is used heavily.

It’s flexible learning at its finest. Your leaders can study anywhere, anytime.

Compared with traditional learning, using an online component will save your organisation a significant amount of time and money. It follows the 70/20/10 rule of training, requiring your leaders to try out and practice what they’ve learnt, as they go along.

It provides you with easy, real time updates and feedback on their progress.

The best way to use The Leader’s Map is as a blended programme, where your emerging leaders do the modules individually, but supplement this with group reflection and learning. We’ll work with you on the best way to do this.

Module 1: Defining Your Leadership Brand and Your True North.

Lesson One – Define your ‘True North’ as a leader.

Lesson Two – Identify your core leadership values.

Lesson Three – Know thyself: How to increase your self-awareness.

Bonus Material – Above the Line and Below the Line Behaviour

Module 2: The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback.

Lesson One – Why feedback is the ‘Breakfast of Champions’.

Lesson Two – How to master the art of giving feedback.

Lesson Three – How to receive feedback like a champ.

Module 3: Become an Outstanding Coach.

Lesson One – What is coaching and why you should make it a daily habit.

Lesson Two – The fundamentals of great coaching.

Lesson Three – Advanced coaching skills.

Module 4: How to Manage Your Time and Priorities like a Pro.

Lesson One – How to prioritise and manage your diary like a pro.

Lesson Two – How to master the art of delegation.

Lesson Three – How to run an effective meeting.

Module 5: MindBody Reset: How to Build Resilience and Manage Stress.

Lesson One – Stress, eustress, and how to identify peak performance conditions.

Lesson Two – Self Confidence, self efficacy and the link to peak performance and resilience

Lesson Three – MindBody Reset: the keys to resilience (sleep, exercise, mindfulness and more).

Module 6: Build a High Performing Team.

Lesson One – How to build a cohesive, high performing culture in your team.

Lesson Two – How to recruit the best people for your team (including diversity).

Lesson Three – Developing your team – individually, and as a whole.

Module 7: Managing Performance.

Lesson One – Setting expectations and getting clear on what success looks like.

Lesson Two – Navigating non-performance within your team.

Lesson Three – From good to great: how to inspire and lift your team’s performance (includes setting and communicating vision).

Module 8: Leading Yourself and Others through Change.

Lesson One – Equipping yourself for the different types of change you will encounter as a leader.

Lesson Two – The SARAH model of change and how to use it when you are leading change.

Lesson Three – The Do’s and Don’ts of leading change: tips and tools for Success.

PARTICIPANTS can complete the modules sequentially, as each module builds on the previous one. But you can also adopt a ‘pick and mix’ approach: THE LEADER’s MAP can even act as a leadership resource centre for ALL your leaders.

For the customised version, we can even include a project module that provides growth opportunities for your emerging leaders as part of the course.



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