Tanner Larsson – Competition Buster-BGS
Tanner Larsson – Competition Buster-BGS
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Tanner Larsson – Competition Buster-BGS



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Here’s a little peek at what you’ll learn inside this course…


Our tried-and-true Unique Value Proposition (UVP) structure increased AOV by $10, conversion rate by 15.6 percent, and revenue per user by 20.5 percent. (If you want to achieve good results, use this structure.)

How capturing your visitors’ attention in the initial few seconds of a website visit may revolutionize your business. (In the first few seconds a visitor spends on a website, billions of dollars are lost.) There’s a reason why the average global ecommerce conversion rate is barely around 2%. That means 98 people out of 100 leave without purchasing.)

The one most critical modification you can make to your website to increase its revenue potential. (It isn’t what you believe.)

Why do you need a UVP for your business if you want to grow and scale it to the level you desire? (Not having one will almost certainly stifle, if not entirely destroy, your business’s growth.) ​

What is a UVP and how can you recognize one when you see one? (Even if they think they do, most businesses don’t have a UVP.) ​

Why is generating an offer more profitable than selling a product? (This is how you set yourself out from the competition.)

The most common mistake made by enterprises when attempting to construct a UVP and how to avoid it. (It’s critical to comprehend this.)

How to communicate with your consumers in their own language. (Once you’ve mastered it and put it into practice, your business will take off like wildfire.)

The qualities of a successful UVP. (To be effective, your UVP must meet all of these requirements.)

By far the best approach to set yourself apart from your competitors, and how it can help you build a community of raving fans who will buy from you again and again. (This is crucial for converting one-time clients into loyal ones.)

The “Buried Treasure” effect and how it can help you increase your store’s profits. (This is a problem with most establishments.)

How to create your UVP using our tried-and-true method. (This is where everything comes together.)

Why do you need product-specific UVPs in addition to your company’s UVP, and how do you find them? (Most companies don’t even think about it.)

And there’s a lot more…


Plus, you’ll get our 57-page “Fast-Track Copywriting Blueprint” from the world’s best copywriters.

To develop lightning-fast high-converting product descriptions, emails, advertising, funnel text, video scripts, and more!

This study was written by a best-selling author and world-renowned copywriting expert who has generated over $250,000 in sales!

Improve conversions across all of your marketing channels by sharing this copywriting plan with your team!




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