Tarzan Kay - The Copy Kit
Tarzan Kay – The Copy Kit
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Tarzan Kay – The Copy Kit



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You understand the importance of copy and copywriting for your business. You know that there’s an outrageous amount of writing that you need to do now that you have a course to sell to the world.



Tarzan Kay – The Copy Kit

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It can feel really overwhelming. Like standing in the middle of a crowded indoor concert venue and not knowing how you’re going to make it to the bathroom through the sea of people surrounding you, overwhelming.

I’ve pulled together my favourite copy swipes, mini-training videos and more to help you become the BEST copywriter for your business.

If you find yourself ready to launch a course but overwhelmed by the content and copy bits and pieces of it all. You’re in luck:


A Jetpack For Your Next Launch, including the Copy Swipe Library, Video Masterclass, & Launch Planning Trello Board

6-Figure Sales Page Template & Prep Workbook: You can (and are!) committed to your course launch and you’re ready to rip off the band-aid. You know what you need to do, you just need the detailed plan to do it.

Email Sequence Cheat Sheet: It IS possible to write snappy copy from swipes. Copy that represents YOU and helps you feel confident and really proud of what you’re offering to your audience.

Promo Email Swipe File:I know, I know. Everyone wants to hire a copywriter but here’s the what of the WHUT: no copywriter is going to be able to find your voice for you! You find your voice by actually writing. These swipes will get you started!

The Cart Close Email Training + Template: Ever find yourself totally just done with someone else’s launch because it’s all just too much to even consume? I’ll share what to do at the END of your launch, to keep prospects engaged.

Launch Planning Trello Board: It’s the roadmap! Every piece of copy for your launch, laid out in Trello. THE project management tool for keeping track of all the copy that needs to be written. Please note: this does not include ALL the copy—it’s a plan to keep you on track.

A New Way Of Launching: CLCK is a more do-able style of launching that respects the type of tactics and number of emails you’re personally comfortable sending. Let’s create a world where launching is fun and everybody wins!



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