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The 4-Step Facebook Group Operating System Generates $138 in Monthly Revenue for Each Free Member (In Just 38 Minutes Per Week)

How to Be Moral (and Legally)

Make Money Off Mark Zuckerberg’s $50 Billion “Bet” on FB Groups

from Taylor Welch’s legal notepad and pen


Kindly consult,


If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly seeking for ways to strengthen and expand your capacity to generate revenue in the future.


People have been concerned ever since Facebook tracking was removed by Apple with iOS14.


cost increases There are no ads. Dropping profits.


If you haven’t felt it yet, you soon will.


Today, I want to provide you with a concise summary of how you may prevent these setbacks by utilizing the information in my bestselling “Group to Client” strategy.

For years, my clients have tested, validated, and benefited from this.

creating unbreakable protection and security amidst so many erratic market failures.


If you want to create a strong and long-lasting clientele, you need concentrate on just three things:



(Get new people)



(Get them to make purchases…)


Delivering and Retaining

(Make them content with their purchase…)

Although it seems easy, it took me eight years and $22 million in paid advertising to create it that way.


More than ever, my clients are applying and profiting from my “$22 million” lessons. Additionally, they are reporting record-breaking profits due to a distinct “change” in how people are consuming information globally. I’ll go into more detail about that later on.

You will discover the exact approaches and concepts I’m teaching them in this letter (and in this new course). You may see a special video we made exclusively for you further down this page that breaks down the $138 per member statistic and explains how we average it across all of our groups.

Over 300 Customers Have Received

Regular and Reliable

Client Acquisition Using the Course’s Principles

Can I teach you how to use groups to master the MOST ADDICTIVE platform of all time and “siphon” from it in order to generate instant sales and “die hard” fans?

In a room somewhere in California, a group of the smartest people—the smartest people in America—are presently seated.


They keep posing this query while filling notebooks with notes. Only one query:

How do we keep users of this functionality and the platform hooked?

These individuals work for Facebook, and their compensation is mostly based on how frequently users log in to Facebook and view their alerts.

It doesn’t really matter whether you like this truth or not; you should still take use of it. Many people I know have strong moral convictions and “opinions” about how the world should operate. However, they are powerless and broke as a result of their refusal to adapt to the realities of the modern world. The same individuals have questioned me…

What drives your use of Facebook? Why did you join these groups as opposed to just running advertisements?

And I always respond, “I want to harvest on the brains and labor of these smartest men and women in America, who are paid billions of dollars every year to manufacture engagement and attention for me!”


To make your marketing instantly scalable but twice as successful, I’ve discovered a way to combine the best of both worlds: groups AND paid ads. It is VERY obvious that Zuckerberg’s strategy for growing Facebook/META to 8 billion people will continue to include GROUPS, which are neither going away nor becoming less important.

There are only three things you need to accomplish, as I indicated earlier, correct? Yes, that’s accurate. In order for you to have control over these 3 areas, I want to briefly dive into that.

#1 Secret


Getting More People’s Attention

Nothing in your company will expand if you are unsuccessful in attracting customers. However, you need to catch the interest of your market, not just any old random person.


Imagine if a truly clever person spent ten years learning everything there is to know about human psychology. How to persuade people to watch, listen, or read whenever you want them to…

What not to say to prevent folks from tuning out and stopping to listen. Even how to structure things (pages, buttons, etc.) such that no matter what, people were more inclined to do what you wanted them to or told them to, such as which colors elicit the most positive responses from people.


Hey, I’d like to give you the PLAYBOOK right now – for free, they continued. What are your thoughts? The answer is “YES, THANK YOU.”

What if they went one step farther, though?

… Then they said, “Hey, I’d like to actually create this and accomplish this FOR you, rather than just handing you the playbook… after it is constructed, you simply show up and use it?”


Wow, what the heck!


That’d be incredible!


That’s exactly what has happened, but… You use Facebook every day; it’s called that. It’s addictive, so you can’t stop using it.

Everything about the site is carefully planned and constructed to keep you coming back, including the groups, notifications, and content.


It’s hardly even a question: we’re utilizing Facebook, and groups in particular, to spread our risks and position ourselves to attract more attention. Because being invited to elite events is the one thing that wealthy people desire (parties, groups, circles, schools, etc).


Facebook groups offer the ideal platform for mastering the first secret: more attention and people.

#2 Secret


Making Them Purchase More Items

The intriguing part begins here. When you can persuade folks to make purchases:


You can raise your family’s standard of living.

You are free to invest in developing your marketing, systems, and skill set for future growth.

You have control over your time and schedule.

Anything you don’t want to do, you may just say “NO.”

Healthy relationships are a prerequisite for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Everything improves

When you’re able to make money off of attention…

With this course, it’s easy to master this skill set since I teach you what you need to know inside:


My top 4 techniques for politely and decently converting total strangers into “desperate” buyers (no hardcore crazy stuff)

The “dopamine” timetable that instructs you on how frequently to publish your material (and at what times) in order to get the most views and engagement


Different types of copy will appeal to different audiences (Have you combined your personality with your target audience to find your ideal voice? If not, this course will teach you how to accomplish it.)

The one most effective method for increasing engagement and, consequently, revenue (and it will save you time in the process)


Speaking about involvement, you should start “hacking” it in your groups since it equals attention. We seek the general public’s interest. Then, in addition to paying attention, we want them to follow your instructions.


You won’t need to bully or coerce someone as part of my creation process because that will damage your reputation. Simple: only take action if it strengthens and preserves your reputation with your market. There are a number of fairly easy ways to get your organizations involved.


Fortunately, I’ve discovered 4 essential pieces of content and 2 innovative posting strategies that will 100x group engagement WHILE spurring quick action. When you join “Group To Clients,” you receive all of them via training as well as as templates.

Fortunately, I’ve discovered 4 essential pieces of content and 2 innovative posting strategies that will 100x group engagement WHILE spurring quick action. When you join “Group To Clients,” you receive all of them via training as well as as templates.

#3 Secret


Making Them Happy They Obeyed Your Request

Did you know that creating a sense of community among your clients is the best way to keep them on board? I joined for the content and the training, but I’ve stayed for the community, is a common comment I’ve heard from my clients over the years.




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