Tej Dosa - How To Write High Converting Copy
Tej Dosa – How To Write High Converting Copy
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Tej Dosa – How To Write High Converting Copy



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How To Write High Converting Copy – 6 Figure Promotions Even if this is your first time writing copy… Plus, get the same email templates you can copy and paste to get clients to pay you for your copywriting services for free.

How 6 Figure Promotions Will Change Your Life…



No high-return-on-investment talents

Creating baby cash

Copy that converts poorly

Don’t know how to find customers

Having trouble converting cold traffic



Have the most important skill: direct-response copywriting.

Understand how to write copy that sells almost everything (at scale)

Write text that converts well and brings in big bucks (for yourself or clients!)

Cold traffic can be easily converted (by executing like a 8-figure marketer)

Get clients to pay you for your copywriting services by cracking the code.

6 Figure Promotions is a direct-response course that explains the 3-step “Copy-Conception” system for “creating” 6-7 figure copywriting promotions from start (which I “ethically” borrowed from an 8-figure marketer and use myself).


It takes you by the hand and teaches you everything you need to know about writing winning promotions, including:

How to swiftly and simply get into your target’s thoughts (so you can figure out exactly what he or she will spend a lot of money on!)

The most common copywriting error (and the simple correction that may DOUBLE your conversion rate!)

How to sell something in a saturated market (step-by-step instructions if you desire a big win!)

The 7 components of a six-figure promotion (and with a step-by-step process for creating each one!)

How to make $1 million by 2020 (using copywriting to make it happen in the next 12 months!)

How to write compelling headlines and leads (No more guessing or deliberating — just stick to the strategy and you’ll almost certainly “write” a great campaign!)

… and a lot more, including an explanation of the “Copy-Conception” system and how you can use it in dropshipping, affiliate marketing, personal branding, and any other business model!

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll receive:

Discover the battle-tested “Copy-Conception” system that an 8-figure marketer implanted in my mind (it’s the simplest and fastest way to generate copy that converts!)

Learn how to sell anything at scale using Copy Conception (ignore everything you know about copywriting and follow this step-by-step technique and you’ll make money like crazy).

Follow along to build your own high-converting promotion from the ground up.

Watch as I create a 6-figure promotion LIVE.

Bonus #1: I authored two six-figure promotions.

Bonus #2: 100 short tips to improve your copy’s conversion rate

Bonus #3: Cheat Sheet for 6 Figure Promotions





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