Tej Dosa - The Tej Dosa Letter
Tej Dosa – The Tej Dosa Letter
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Tej Dosa – The Tej Dosa Letter



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What Is The Tej Dosa Letter?
A Monthly Print Letter Containing My Personal Strategies, Tactics And Ideas For Growing Online Businesses To 6-7 Figures. 
  • ​Get a “behind-the-scenes” look at how I’ve built multiple six figure businesses by 24 (and how you can follow in my footsteps – nobody can guarantee results, but if you apply what you learn your chances of joining the 6-figure club are higher than Snoop Dogg)
  • ​Learn from all the failures and successes I experience on my journey to 7 figures/year with my new business venture(s)
  • ​Receive a raw and “unfiltered” marketing education that lasts a LIFETIME (everything from scripts… to BIG campaigns… to sales letters… to business ideas… to the names of my ventures REVEALED!)…
  • ​See the exact strategies I’m using to make more money, and enjoy a HIGHER QUALITY of life (that’s the whole point, right?)…
  • ​Get unlimited access to what’s going on inside the brain of high-income marketers and entrepreneurs (not all pretty – be warned!)…
  • ​Know exactly what’s working RIGHT NOW (so you can take these test results and WIN BIG)…
  • ​Read epically personal stories about my business (and life) adventures (from the highest of highs… to the lowest of lows that nobody but myself knows)…
  • ​Get it all delivered to your front-door in print form (so you can crack open a brew or grab a coffee and dive deep as the ideas inside make sweet love to your brain)…
  • ​Also receive a digital version of the letter – alongside occasional bonuses, swipe files, guides and cheat sheets you can use to CRUSH your goals…




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