TextGod – Over the Top Text Game
TextGod – Over the Top Text Game
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TextGod – Over the Top Text Game



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  • How can you get girls to behave sexually with you
  • A conversation in which I SMILE up. Everyone is always showing their best with their flawless game where everything goes smoothly. I’m going to show you a dialogue in which I’m disqualified. It’s probably the most informative exchange in the entire workshop
  • How can you make use of research conducted by Harvard University to move her from Tinder to the app for texting you prefer
  • The story of a wild and valuable girl who ruined a classmate of mine on an evening date. How I managed to control her and helped her fall for her
  • 42 Words that are emotional to include in your text
  • What should you do if an attractive girl calls you on your ageand says “you’re too young” or “you’re too old”
  • The best way to utilize humorous self-deprecating comments (one one of the strongest tools to attract girls)
  • Emojis I have used regardless of the fact that I tell people not to make use of them. This can help you make yourself stand out
  • 9 examples of Instagram stories that are captivating for her to comment on and easy to replicate
  • Two short videos on how my top wingsmen interact with girls in real everyday
  • A mindf*ck to remember when girls want to “take over the frame”. This can help you remain at peace and remain in control.
  • A major mistake that many men make is that they trigger your LOGICAL mental state (instead from her emotions). This causes her to interview you, ruining the excitement and makes you look like a boring, ordinary guy.
  • What do you do if she sends you the hated “haha” or “:)”
  • The most important ingredient in building the CONNECTION
  • My favorite line to use when girls inquire about where I’m from. an additional text to playfully tease them
  • The most effective ways to make sure she passes her tests as if they’ve never happened
  • An effective way to appear as extremely intelligent without showcasing or appearing like an a**
  • How do you create the most profound of relationships: The Hollywood Moment
  • How do you change a conversation from her denying me, to her wanting to fly into the country I live in to see me
  • It’s a little naughty: How to flirt with the girl you’ve selected as your Tinder match without saying any words about her
  • My tips for sending messages via voice that can make girls melt
  • A notification on WhatsApp that lets you know she’s truly interested in you.
  • You can use gifs to show her that you’re laughing
  • A simple trick to get girls to do what you like.
  • The most important rule to follow to move your Tinder conversation to any other messaging app such as WhatsApp or WeChat








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