The ArmaniTalks Bundle – Social Skills
The ArmaniTalks Bundle – Social Skills
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The ArmaniTalks Bundle – Social Skills



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The ArmaniTalks Bundle:
This bundle pack is your starter kit to build your communication skills & level up your confidence. You will take an in-depth look into the world of soft skills to learn more about the mind, public speaking, social skills & storytelling.
The bundle pack consists of:
-Level Up Mentality: A Guide to Re-Engineer your Mindset for Confidence
-Speaking Wizard: The Magical World of Public Speaking
-Charisma King: Level Up Your Social Skills
-Prolific Writer: The Holy Grail of Creative Writing
Let’s cover what you can expect from each book!
Level Up Mentality: A guide to Re-Engineer your Mindset for Confidence
The mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy. In the Level Up Mentality, you will learn practical strategies to tame the mind & skyrocket your confidence.
In this book, you will learn concepts such as:
How to build self-confidence by building a life purpose, competing with your prior day self & documenting your journey.
How to design an alter ego.
The difference between the conscious & subconscious mind.
Frameworks on how to learn, build skills & teach others.
Mind hacks to control your thoughts, actions & habits.
Emotional intelligence principles to regulate destructive emotions into productive fuel.
How to form relationships, build a tribe & navigate around toxic people.
Strategies for chronicling your level up journey to spread your message & build a legacy






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