The Life Coach School - Entrepreneurial Bookkeeping
The Life Coach School – Entrepreneurial Bookkeeping
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The Life Coach School – Entrepreneurial Bookkeeping



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Do you want more money to count?
We did too.
We took my business from $300k to $15 Million per year in four years.
We have no debt.
No outside funding.
A large emergency fund.
A fat profit margin.
And a plan to double our growth.
We could never have done this without FORWARD FINANCE.
The secret is not a good accountant who does your taxes at the end of the year.
The secret is awesome BOOKKEEPING (really) every single month.
Introducing… Entrepreneurial Bookkeeping.
(Entre-Bookkeeping for short.)
Entre-Bookkeeping gets you more money. Period.
Are you relying on your bookkeeper to know Entrepreneurial Bookkeeping? (They most likely don’t.)
Are you doing your bookkeeping yourself? (Then you MUST learn Entre-Bookkeeping.)
Bookkeeping done our way is an art and a science.
Let’s break it down.
Bookkeeping is done for accounting. (This is the more boring part.)
Accounting is what we do to “count” the money we have already made.
It’s what we use to determine our profit and how much we owe in taxes. (Important, but not very fun.)
But bookkeeping
can also be used for…FINANCE.
Planning for and making more money.
If accounting is about counting the money we have already made…
Finance is how we plan and budget for the future.
It doesn’t matter how small your business is, you should always be doing both.
Most bookkeeping only does the first half.
Entrepreneurial Bookkeeping introduces you to the second half.
We have used it to more than double our income every year.
If you think bookkeeping is boring,
you are doing it WRONG.
Counting lots of your own money is not boring.


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