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Getting Banned From eBay Isn’t The End

So you’ve been banned from eBay? Ouch! I know how much that hurts. I’ve worked with dozens of eBay sellers who saw their income literally disappear overnight. All thanks to arbitrary eBay rules set by eBay that are enforced with no rhyme or reason.

Even if you did nothing wrong eBay doesn’t care. You’re banned and they don’t want you selling on eBay ever again. And worse, they usually don’t even tell you why! It’s really frustrating!

It’s Time To Fight Back!

eBay stealth accounts allow you to start selling on eBay again even if you’re banned. If you set up a stealth account the right way eBay will never know it’s yours. It allows you to get started selling again today!

How Do eBay Stealth Accounts Work?

If your account gets banned on eBay, eBay will usually tell you that you are never allowed to sell on eBay ever again. If you try to start another account it will immediately get banned too. eBay will be able to tell that the second account is yours too.

How? Well eBay looks at certain identifying information to link your account with any other account registered on eBay. Some of the identifying information is pretty obvious (your phone number and address for instance). But some of it is pretty tricky (for example, your IP address).

In order to start an eBay stealth account you need to start a new eBay account with identifying information that is 100% different from the information on your old eBay account. How do you do that? Well that’s what this course is all about!

This course is closed for enrollment.

Let’s Make This Easy

Creating an eBay stealth account doesn’t have to be hard. Sadly, there are many people out there who want to make stealth accounts much harder than they have to be. They teach complicated methods that require expensive software.

Do those techniques work? Sure! But they’re expensive and way more complicated than they have to be. With The Stealth Solution you can start an eBay stealth account the easy way. No expensive software, no VPS and no portable browser (if you don’t know what all that means don’t worry – you literally don’t need it!).

Get Started Selling On eBay Again!

An eBay stealth account is perfect for anyone who:

  • Has been banned from eBay
  • Has an account restriction they can’t remove
  • Is below standard and looking to start fresh
  • Wants to spread out their risk in case of a suspension
  • Wants to run multiple accounts that aren’t linked


The Stealth Solution – How To Create An eBay Stealth Account Fast- Paul J




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