The Ultimate BFCM Email Marketing Playbook + Q4 Email Campaigns by Chase Dimond
The Ultimate BFCM Email Marketing Playbook + Q4 Email Campaigns by Chase Dimond
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The Ultimate BFCM Email Marketing Playbook + Q4 Email Campaigns by Chase Dimond



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Get Now The Ultimate BFCM Email Marketing Playbook + Q4 Email Campaigns by Chase Dimond. Cheap…



Utilize these tried-and-true methods from 8-figure marketers to generate 40–50% of your Q4 revenue through email marketing.

This will work for you even if you’ve never directly launched an email campaign.


Every year, the fourth quarter is the most stressful for all e-commerce enterprises.


To make matters worse, in the past year supply chains have entirely lost their reliability, shipping costs have increased, and advertising costs have virtually doubled.


Marketers and founders have been deliberately set up to fail.


Even though Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holiday season are intended to make Q4 your most prosperous quarter of the year…


Currently, everything that may go wrong is.


Owned media may once again be the only thing that enables Ecommerce brands to succeed.


I mean the email database you’ve amassed on your website since launching your brand when I say “owned media.”


10,000 email addresses who have opted into receiving your marketing emails are 10,000 warm, free leads that are prepared to make a purchase from you.


To overcome the difficulties that entrepreneurs and marketers are having bringing in new clients…


The Ultimate BFCM Email Marketing Playbook was written by me.


I’ve gathered all the information I know about how to create a flawless plan to generate record-breaking revenue for Black Friday and Cyber Monday after a decade of email marketing experience and five or more years of experience in e-commerce.


Don’t be misled.


It does not mean that you are even remotely prepared for BFCM just because you have email flows set up in Klaviyo (or whatever email platform you’re using) and a vault of campaign ideas that are ready to send out.


For this time frame, email marketing approach must adapt.


Every premium company is doing something unique and reaching out to customers in a fresh way.


Your customer will always choose your competitor if you carry on as you currently are without making these critical adjustments.


It makes no difference if you are giving a 95% discount.


You can’t match up.


The following techniques and tools are all included in The Ultimate BFCM Email Marketing Playbook and are the closest thing I have to a guarantee that you will make a fortune for your brand or client in Q4:


An summary of general email marketing tactics, along with an explanation of WHY you should follow my advice


Campaign concepts that are different and will convert wildly (before, during, and after BFCM)


Concepts of flow and automation that 99% of brands ignore (before, during, and after BFCM)


You can copy and paste tested, high-converting swipe copy from my slides into your emails.


A step-by-step guide to increasing your email subscriber base and become their go-to source for emails in their inbox


How to improve deliverability and appear on their home page when it counts





Additionally, you’ll discover my tried-and-true abandonment strategy, which keeps 120% more warm leads than your present flow setup.


I have never seen anyone else use this method, and the outcomes we achieved with it last year were really astounding.


This playbook is not being held in artificially low supply.




You should buy this resource as soon as you can, in my opinion.


BFCM will soon be here. It’s essential to begin started as soon as possible in order to achieve the finest results.


The last thing you want to do is speed this process and skip important phases, leads, and income.


Everything in this playbook should ideally be set up and comprehended by the first week of October. Anything done beyond the second week of October is dangerous and can produce mediocre results.


The present is the ideal time to adopt.


What I’ve given in this playbook is something I haven’t heard or seen anyone else in the email marketing field say.


This is the closest thing to a “magic solution” for this kind of strategy that is currently available.


Of course, your own imagination and thoughts will raise these ideas to an 11…


But this playbook contains all that is necessary.


Everything you require to increase email-attributed income for BFCM by 50% or more is available right here.


You will have one of the best Q4s with your brand/client if you strictly adhere to what I advise.


to fully destroy them and gain an advantage over every brand that will be vying for your customers’ business on Black Friday…


Purchase this right away!




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