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1. A Summary of the Confidence Booster Package
When questioned, women frequently say that confidence is the quality they look for most in a man. Shandi Finnessey, Ms. USA 2004; I asked her this question twice; she kept responding, “confidence.” I investigated the origin of this typical response among women.

Two. The three Discovery Guidebooks



You can’t turn anyone else on unless you can turn yourself on, I always say. Let’s learn how to turn oneself on, then.

Three Guidebooks are included in the Confidence Booster Package.

You will work to uncover YOU in each manual. Knowing more about yourself will help you be more clear about what you desire from others, especially ladies. Owning your character, your beliefs, your wants, and your boundaries is made possible by discovering who you are.


I’ve assembled some incredible supplementary materials as promised to provide you even more confidence-boosting tools.





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