The Wing Girl Method - What's Inside A Woman's Mind
The Wing Girl Method – What’s Inside A Woman’s Mind
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The Wing Girl Method – What’s Inside A Woman’s Mind



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Learn what ladies like, love, and dislike.
You’re about to learn more about women than the vast majority of men on the planet.
I’ve chosen 52 enticing, horny, astute ladies to respond to questions that men have never received an honest response to. I also took audio and video recordings of their responses.

What many of those girls didn’t realize was that after our interview, I pretended to stop recording, and that’s when the even more juicy information came out!

Ten sizzling, horny, astute ladies (plus 42 more) will inform you:

What are the most common “turn-off faults” that almost all guys are completely unaware of…

What does it say about a couple of men if they approach a girl with little confidence? Will she wait 5 minutes for him to feel comfortable?

Can a lady tell if someone is attracted to her even if he doesn’t say so?

What can a guy do to make a girl fall in love with him right away…

What signs do women provide when they want to be kissed? Have you had any sexual relations?

Does looks always win out over a strong character and persona?

What’s the best way to get a female to return for more?

How do women decide whether or not to trust someone and let their guard down with them?

How can you approach a girl in the right way upon first meeting her (without creeping her out) so that you may easily end up hand-holding, kissing her, and even bringing her home later?

How should 9s and 10s be approached?

What signals do females give that say “go for it” and ask for her phone number – and when should you aid her feel more at ease earlier than asking?

….and much, much more….

Here’s What You’ll Discover About Women

The one attribute that all ladies find incredibly DESIRABLE in a person. The 50 ladies will tell you this over and over. If you can only learn one thing to improve your success with girls, this is it!!!

Finally, understand what women mean when they say, “Be Yourself!” Plus, any man might have a blazing attractive characteristic that trumps money, status, and appearance. If a man possesses this outstanding trait, women will overlook almost everything, and any man can have it.

The truth about bad-boys and ladies. The truth is that no lady wakes up hoping to meet a bad-boy jerk who will treat her poorly. Discover what they truly desire in a partner that no bad-boy jerk can ever deliver. Plus, she’ll adore the one seductive trait of bad-boys: each man can (and will) do this.

You’ll learn what works in pick-up from women who get approached EVERY DAY, and what turns them off faster than turning off a light switch. Along with The 5 instantaneous deal-breakers, from which there is no possibility of recovery.

When they don’t have to hurt your emotions or demolish your ego, the well-mannered tactics ladies use let you know they aren’t. These are essential if you don’t want her to brazenly dismiss you in front of everyone.

A foolproof clue that a female wants you to approach her RIGHT NOW! And if you don’t approach her as soon as you see it, she’ll assume you’re a wimp. Congratulations… you’ve just blown your chance.

Learn the truth about how women view money in connection to intercourse, relationships, and partnerships, as well as how to prevent money (or a lack thereof) from ruining your relationship.

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