Tim Burd – San Diego Mastermind 2019


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The event was originally on:

Day 1: Saturday, March 2nd: Mastermind 12 pm – 6 pm

Day 2: Sunday, March 3rd: Mastermind 12 pm – 6m

This is a unique mastermind workshop as we will be doing many new things including group hot seats where we give you overall feedback and direction on how to improve your site and/or ads from the other attendees and experts.

Then, we bring in multiple experts and we will break into pods like “Landing Page Optimization”, the “Facebook Ads Scaling” pod, the “Influencer Marketing” pod and so on so you can get a truly customized experience for whatever is most interesting to you and that you can get the most value from.

We will be recording and streaming EACH pod so even on the live stream you can see it all!

We also bring in Zach Benson who teaches you how to quickly grow your Instagram following and Nick Shackelford who goes over powerful tips on content creation.

You will get 1 on 1 help and support from each and every expert at the mastermind workshop. Due to the level of support and guidance you will get, this event does cost a bit more than others in the past and is also limited at strictly 20 attendees.

Because of the amazing 1 on 1 support and fully customized experience you get, we can accommodate those new to Facebook Ads or an expert spending $50,000/day looking to scale and optimize.

EXTRA BONUS: This Pass also comes with a recorded Replay of the Entire Event for you to keep forever! The value here is incredible.

Here is a summary of what will be covered:

Business Manager vs Personal Ad Account
Getting a Facebook Rep
Ad Policy
Server Optimization
Landing Page Optimization
Funnel Optimization
Affiliate Offers Best Practices
Analytics (Outside of FB)
Audiences/Demographic Research (Outside of FB)
Competitor Analysis/Spy Tools
Audience/Demographic Research on FB
Facebook Campaign Objectives and When to Use
Ads (Who, What, Where, When, How, Why)
Psychology of an Ad and the Funnel
Facebook Reporting
Custom Audiences
Lookalikes and how to reverse engineer them
Hacking the Facebook Algorithm
How to start your own Subscription Box
The 388 Method
Shotgun Method
Surfing Strategy
Cloud Method
Automated Rules
Influencer Marketing
Ecommerce Optimization
FULL Campaign Setup from Start to Finish
LOTS of Advanced Strategies and Misc. Tips


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