Todd Snively and Chris Keef – Ecomm Elite Wholesale Amazon
Todd Snively & Chris Keef – Ecomm Elite Wholesale Amazon
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Todd Snively & Chris Keef – Ecomm Elite Wholesale Amazon



Download Now Todd Snively & Chris Keef – Ecomm Elite Wholesale Amazon. Get Course For a Cheap Price.

Ecomm Elite is opening it’s doors to new members, and we want to take few minutes to tell you why this is the LAST membership you will ever need to become successful selling online.

Chris and Todd are of one mind when it comes to how they feel about some of the programs and courses andmentors out there, and the fact that sometimes you just don’t get the value for your hard earned money. It is their goal to provide you a value unmatched by any other program out there.

Understand that this value is not to be downloaded, absorbed and implemented in a day – no – this is ongoing value, which is why they chose this membership structure.

For example, you may have already discovered that as you progress in your business you find that you needadditional, more sophisticated, software and tools to keep your life simple, and your business prosperous.

Chris and Todd have been on that same journey for a long time, selling millions and millions of dollars of products, every year.

You may never have heard of Todd or Chris, and that’s fine, what’s important is that these guys are the real deal when it comes to making money selling products online, and definately not the typical “internet gurus” you find so often hawking questionable training programs.

Todd and Chris make their full-time living selling online, especially on Amazon. Take a look at this recent screenshot from Todd’s account February 1-18, 2017 (arguebly one of the slowest times of the year).

Amazon deposits your funds every 14 days into your bank account.  The above results are achieved by selling unsexy products sourced from US based wholesale distributors.

Todd and Chris have developed many of their own software tools to help them find products, sell the products and then track everything that needs tracking.  Here’s a screenshot of the Ecomm Elite Dashboard that tracks all of your sales and the NET PROFIT to the sku level for each item you sell.  You can set the time frame to anything you want, but this is the last thirty days of sales:

Remember, Chris and Todd both started with ZERO sales at one point and earned revenues like this from working one product at a time, building up to multiple products.  During a workshop last night Todd pulled up a random supplier inventory file and within 30 minutes found five products that can be purchased in the USA, sent to Amazon’s FBA program and just those five product equated to $600/month in pure profit.  All in just 30 minutes of using their famous research tools.

The above graphic shows you a mix of private labeled products, and non-private labeled. Wait a minute! I thought there wasn’t any money to be made selling “regular branded” products that anyone could sell! At least that’s what other gurus out there are saying.

Think that, and we’re sorry, but you’d be flat out wrong. Not only that, but, hang on – sometimes it makes a lot more sense to NOT use FBA. Don’t worry, we’re not telling you that you have to have a warehouse and a shipping crew, we’re telling you that you can use OUR warehouse, and OUR shipping crew – sound fun?

We’re going to open up all new worlds of profitability for you and show you how to find and source “un-sexy”, low competition products that can be sourced in the USA, making the time to profitability sometimes days versus months.

Now, here’s one of their secrets – none of their products are very popular at all. If Todd and Chris were to tell you they were going to show you how to come up with a boring product that sells 1-200 units a month, people would think they were a little nuts. What they’re really going to teach you is how to do this over and over every month. It’s all about systems, software and avoiding the sirens lure of that “top 100” sexy, super competitive product.

The “top” products have way too much competition and price pressures. Some gurus tell you to just take one of those top 100, get it private labeled in China, send it in to fba, run some promotions and you’ll make a lot of money. Errrrr, it’s really not that easy, but the good news is that it’s very straightforward to setup a business to sell a bunch of boring, “un-sexy” products, making a lot of money in the process.


I know for others in this group this milestone of 100 items sold in 30 days was reached long ago, but it is huge for me! Thank you Todd for telling us to go unsexy! I am officially on my way to being an unsexy Princess!!

One of the things we want to do for our members is to give them the software and tools they’ll need, with no crazy additional fees. You may even have tools right now that you are paying hundreds of dollars a month for, and we’re here to tell you that you won’t need them any more.

Our programmers are going to be knocking out software for you guys on a regular basis, and that software will be free to our members. If you see someone out there advertising some thousand dollar widget to do keyword research?

No worries, our programmers will create a version for our membership, and we’ll give it to you for free. No strings attached.

For example, I wanted a tool that would be able to show me the difference in sales (both up and down) over any period of time, so that if I had a product that had been selling really, well, and then wasn’t, I could quickly identify that product and go take a look, same thing with a product that is all of a sudden selling really well, I may need to increase the number of units I buy next time.  Here’s what that tool looks like (with the product names blocked out for obvious reasons):

Matter of fact, when we find good tools available out there, we’ll make special deals to get those tools for our members so that they don’t have to spend any of their money to get them.  Join right now and we’ll give you a license for Jungle Scount PRO – the famous Chrome Extension that every serious Amazon seller uses to do product research.


Jungle Scout integrates into your Google Chrome browser, streamlining your product research. Extract rank, sales volume, FBA fee’s, type and quantity of sellers plus much more without ever exiting your browser or having to enter an Amazon product page.

Product Sales Data

Using industry leading, proprietary data collection and modeling methods, monthly sales volumes are estimated for each product. Models are constantly updated though the analysis of millions of data points. Jungle Scout is the only tool on the market that instantly provides amazon product sales estimates and does so without ever leaving Amazon’s website.

Filter Data

Easily apply filters to the data in the window. Only want to show products to sell in your sweet spot? No problem, just set the filters accordingly. Filter options change depending on which columns you have selected. Particular row’s of data that aren’t pertinent to your search results can be removed with the click of a button.

Despite the fact that as a member you’ll be getting tens of thousands of dollars worth of programming, tools, and software over the upcoming months, the real big deal about this group is the information.

Remember, by joining Ecomm Elite, you are going to not only receive unprecedented access to a couple of Amazon sellers that not only do this full-time, but sell multi, multi millions of dollars a product every year.

These guys have been recognized in some of the most prestigious Amazon seller forums on the web as the guys that are doing it right, AND give you the correct answers to all the questions.

  • Finally learn how to research and choose products to sell online like the pros – no more looking through the top 100 at Amazon!
  • Learn how to source overseas AND within the USA. Find out how to have products for sale on Amazon within 48 HOURS!
  • The last membership you’ll ever have to join.
  • Custom made SOFTWARE and TOOLS designed to help you build your business, choose the right products, get all the stats you need in a meaningful fashion, and much, much more.



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