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Today, many people make money selling knowledge. Anyone who is an expert in one field or another can make a fortune selling their know-how to their students online. If you are a good teacher and a good motivator, you can have a high paying career teaching what you know to others. Blogs, books, online courses, and especially mastermind groups can all make fortunes for their creators.

Health and fitness experts frequently make a lot of money by selling their knowledge. If a person is in excellent health, or else is successful in business, they can make money teaching online courses about these subjects. Experts in sales, web design, cryptocurrency, and a thousand other fields make money creating online courses. If you create a mastermind group instead of an online class, you can make even more money.

What is a mastermind group?

While everyone is familiar with online courses, mastermind groups are not yet as well known. Mastermind groups have always existed. A mastermind group is simply a group of people that come together to solve their problems by sharing knowledge.

The term mastermind group dates back to the 1920s when famous self-improvement author Napolean Hill first used the term in his classic book The Law of Success. Hill noticed that many successful Americans (Ford, Edison, Bell, Roosevelt) belonged to groups of like-minded individuals that he called mastermind groups.

In 1937, Napolean Hill published his still famous book think and grow rich. His later book elaborated on the concept of a mastermind group. If a group of people all work together and share their knowledge, it is as if they all function as one mind, which he called the mastermind.

Napolean Hill argues that successful people have always been part of mastermind groups. Joining a mastermind group is a normal part of being a successful person and is often necessary for success. Hill states that even Benjamin Franklin was part of such a group, and recognized the concept of these groups.

Some people sell knowledge by creating blogs and using them to advertise products, or by writing and selling books. Others make money from their knowledge by creating online courses. Others start their own mastermind groups and charge money to those who want to join. This is very different from, and often more profitable than teaching courses online.

A mastermind group can be partly online. However, the best mastermind groups still involve meeting in person. If your mastermind group is purely online, you will not be able to charge as much money as if your group meets in person.

While one can make money selling knowledge in many ways, the best option might be to create your own mastermind group. Selling membership in one of these groups can be more profitable than selling an online course of the usual kind. A mastermind group is an opportunity to network with other people that have a similar goal. Joining such a group is appealing enough that many people who do not pay for online courses are willing to pay for membership in mastermind groups.

The best part of starting your own mastermind group is that the market is not saturated. With online courses, you have to work hard to differentiate yourself from other people selling courses on the same topic. If you create a mastermind group instead of an online class, you will have fewer competitors. If you create a mastermind group, you can take advantage of a rapidly expanding and underserved market.

What is Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB Course 2.0)?

Knowledge Broker Blueprint is an online course that will teach you how to create your own mastermind group and to sell knowledge in other ways. Tony robins and Dean Graziosi created the course, so it is the work of two very famous people who made careers out of teaching others how to succeed.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a top-end course for anyone who wants to sell their expertise, mainly by starting a mastermind group and selling memberships. The course will teach you how mastermind groups work, how how to promote a new mastermind group, and how to impress your customers to attract more people in the future.

Is the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course already available?

In 2019, the first version of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course became available. More than 20,000 people signed up for it, so the success of the course is already proven. In 2020, there will be a new version of the course, known as KBB 2.0. The 2020 version of the KBB course is probably the most hotly anticipated online course in history. Robins and Graziosi have improved the course from its initial form and are likely to get even more than 20,000 people to sign up in 2020.

What is included in the KBBCourse?

The knowledge broker blueprint is a massive course that will teach you everything you need to know about how to start a successful mastermind group. You have to be able to come off as a credible expert in some field that people are interested in, but this course will teach you the rest of what you need to know.

The course includes six different modules, all of which were created by experts and will take you through the stages of developing a mastermind group that people will want to be part of. The price of the course also includes MindMint software, which is already an invaluable tool for those running online businesses of this kind.

The six modules are:

  1. Mind Mastery
  2. Extraction & Discovery 
  3. Marketing & Mastery 
  4. Generating the right Leads 
  5. Running Your Event With Confidence 
  6. Knowledge Consultant & Reporter 


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