Topical Maps Unlocked - YOYAO
Topical Maps Unlocked – YOYAO
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Topical Maps Unlocked – YOYAO



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Lessons in Topical Maps Unlocked: Topical Authority Made Simple:
1 Welcome to Topical Maps Unlocked!
2 How to Join the Private Group
3 Overview of the Tools We Will Use
4 New Site vs Existing Site Approaches
5 What Is Topical Authority and Why is It Important for SEO?
6 What is the Topical Authority Approach?
7 What is a Topical Map?
8 How to Read a Topical Map
9 How Topical Maps Influence Site Architecture, Internal Links, and Anchor Text
10 Examples of Sites With Good Topical Maps and Authority
11 Choosing a Niche and Starting Point
12 Breaking Down the Niche With the Template
13 Competitor Research and Analysis Using the Tool
14 What Keyword Research Tools to Use
15 Researching and Gathering Keywords
16 Analyzing and Filtering Keywords
17 Clustering Keywords
18 Intro to Topical Hierarchy and Site Architecture
19 Creating the Topical Map and Hierarchy
20 Creating the Mind Map From the Spreadsheet
21 Creating the Site Architecture in WordPress
22 Turning a Topical Map Into a Content Plan
23 Where to Start Writing Content
24 Do Content Quality and Relevance Matter?
25 Internal Linking With a Topical Map
26 Managing Your Anchor Text
27 Keeping the Topical Map and Content Plan Up to Date
28 Tracking and Measuring Results
29 Creating a Topical Map for an Existing Site
30 Cannibalization, Pruning, and Updating Content
31 Putting It All Together



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