Tradingriot Bootcamp + Blueprint 3.0
Tradingriot Bootcamp + Blueprint 3.0
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Tradingriot Bootcamp + Blueprint 3.0



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The Tradingriot Bootcamp contains the following videos:
Bid-ask spread, order types, market participants, algorithmic trading, and Chapter 1: Markets (42:14)

interchange formats

Understanding liquidity, how volume and liquidity affect markets, the order book’s anatomy, passive and active orderflow, and volume relativity (20:21)

Understanding futures and selecting the appropriate market: what constitutes a good market, what is a futures contract, index futures, bonds, commodities, currency futures, and cryptocurrencies (22:06)

Setting up trading systems, including TradingView, Exocharts, and Sierra Chart (38:20)

Chapter 2: Price Movement

Principles of price action: periods, the fractal character of pricing, effective vs ineffective price movements,

how the pricing relates to the level (25:15)

Key pricing structures include V-reversals, triple taps, compressions, horizontal and vertical support and resistance, supply and demand, and market situations (21:18)

Cluster, Quasimodo, and failed swing are examples of execution patterns (11:25)

Engulf, Failed Swing, and Inside Bar are examples of biased candlestick patterns (10:41)

Using non-time based charts and navigating timeframes – non-time based charts, navigating timeframes (06:52)

Section III: Orderflow

Understanding order flow: The order flow fallacy, order flow in various markets, passive order flow, and active order flow, as well as various tools for various trading approaches (13:42)

Delta and its markers Describe delta. individual bar delta, volume cumulative delta, and y-axis delta (19:07)

What are footprint charts and how do they work? use of the proper timeframe,

Delta footprint, volume footprint, bid/ask footprint

footprint data and trade trends (18:46)

Orderflow and price action are related (22:57)

Chapter 4: Theory of the auction market

What is the auction market theory (AMT)? AMT’s essential elements, proactive and receptive behavior, acceptance and a failed auction, and AMT regulations (14:25)

What is a market profile, or MP? Day and opening types, initial balance, MP anomalies, and composite profiles (26:39)

Profile of volume – volume, Describe the volume profile. Market mapping with composite structures, volumes in various markets, volume profile levels, and market vs volume profile (15:40)

Volume indicators: vwap, bar-to-bar POC, relative volume and z-score (15:45)

relating price action, order flow, and AMT


Chapter 5 – Planning

Reverse Swing (27:49)

Cluster (24:18) (24:18)

Quasimodo (14:11) (14:11)

Management of Risk (48:28)

Day-to-day tactics (18:42)

Mid-term swing approach (14:13)

Long-term swing technique (16:03)

Trading Scheme (25:22)

every day preparation (05:45)

Journaling (08:38) (08:38)



9 hours 15 minutes in total


Updates: Free new content will be made available to all Bootcamp owners under a section.

Crypto day trading nuances

Cumulative volume delta revisited

Reviewing the VWAP

the ATAS platform setup

FTX Move Contracts trading strategy

expanded swing trading guide

How do I use price action for entry, and how do I avoid it?

Utilizing a data-based strategy to identify winning Altcoin transactions

An extensive analysis of day trading

capturing significant price changes

Trading “cheat-sheet” – decomposing all entry methods, setting stops, and setting goals. every timeframes technique is distinct.












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