Travis Sago – 2 Page Google Doc Cash Machines (Ferrari)
Travis Sago – 2 Page Google Doc Cash Machines (Ferrari)
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Travis Sago – 2 Page Google Doc Cash Machines (Ferrari)



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What you receive




Body Car Level





What’s in Your Muscle Car Level Cash Machine Kit?


*Use the exact 2-page Google Doc that I and my clients use to turn on the sales faucet to pump out a cash machine in under an hour.


*Use the three posts or emails to attract hungry people to your cash machine. (There are two sentences in the first post. The last post was simply one word, while the second one has seven sentences.


*IMPORTANT: Use our “No Brainer Campaign’s” SALES “Shortcut” PSYCHOLOGY to bank the most money with the fewest words. You will get access to all the self-paced training you need to ensure that your Google Doc turns into an ATM that you can use repeatedly. How many five-figure sales pops do you want from your two-page G Docs?


*BONUSES Spit out financial windfalls by having your programs or products “sit on a shelf.” My two preferred methods for generating buying frenzy emails and Facebook groups are… So simple, yet NO ONE does it. My all-time best single-word subject line for opens AND sales.


Get all the leads and traffic you’ll probably ever need without being Google, Facebook, YouTube, or any other platform’s little b*tch. (The key is taking advantage of the plentiful and surging influencer and content creator traffic rivers.)


Also included are NEW SUPER SURPRISE Gifts worth well over $100.






Level Turbo Charged





The items in the TURBO Charged Cash Machine Kit are all of the aforementioned plus.


*Add another $10k, $20k, $50k, or more by sincerely thanking each of your new customers and providing them with a second serving (2nd Helping Campaign). Your clients will appreciate it, and just wait till you see the results for your Stripe and Paypal accounts. You’ll be overjoyed!


You now have two options, either by email (for my non-video friends) or with what I call a Zoom Appreciation Call (ZAC) for my BUYERS ONLY, either of which has the potential to add thousands of dollars. With a small number of customers, $25k to $50k in revenues are not uncommon. Both techniques are provided by Turbo!






The Level of Ferrari





All of the items listed above plus the Ferrari Cash Machine Kit


*Grow ANY Audience with the Audience Multiplier Campaign: By asking the group’s members to advertise the group FOR ME, I just doubled the size of one of my FB groups and its income.


Since 2005, I’ve used my own audience as a traffic source. increases ANY audience I wish to increase, including email subscribers, FB groups, YouTube subscribers, etc. I’ve never had a problem with it, and the way I use it costs me nothing. I could pay, but I’ve found a way to avoid having to… and from now on neither will you.


You will have a 2nd grade simple way to expand your email list, groups, or anything else you want, whenever you want, in your hot little hands once you have the glittering keys to your Ferrari Cash Machine.


Running 2-Pager Campaigns for OTHER PEOPLE might earn you up to 50% commissions! In a BONUS ZOOM Q&A call, I’ll explain why performing for others without an audience could really increase your earnings.





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