Ty Cohen - Kindle Cash Flow 2.0
Ty Cohen – Kindle Cash Flow 2.0
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Ty Cohen – Kindle Cash Flow 2.0



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We all know Amazon is a great place to shop for just about anything.  But a business partner? Most of us never consider teaming up with one of our favorite stores—but Ty Cohen did.  And he wants to show you how to do the same.

So, who is Ty Cohen?

He’s not what you’d expect when you think of an internationally successful marketing specialist.

Ty Cohen grew up in an impoverished community.

He overcame serious health problems and managed to thrive despite them.

Cohen is a writer, an accomplished public speaker, author, internet marketing expert and has even had his own successful talk show.  Wow!

Ty believes strongly that we all have a choice.  We can either accept what life hands us, or make a concerted effort to manage our own fate.  He chose the latter.

More than a decade ago, Ty Cohen quit his full-time job in the business world and struck out on his own.  Today he’s an internationally recognized marketing maven.

He’s a family man with a wife and four children, living in New York State.

Ty Cohen is, in many circles, known as the King of Kindle.  No small boast.

What is the Kindle Cash Flow program all about?

Amazon’s eBook platforms allow authors to format, upload, market, and sell their own content in the Kindle marketplace.

The goal of the program is for YOU to create your own instant revenue stream that you can rely on—every month.

How does all that work?

–Even if you’ve never written a book before, you can still create or acquire compelling digital content that’s perfect for this platform.

–Learn the tricks of selecting a title that will hook readers into making a purchase—the right title may be even more important than the content itself.

–Depending on the skills you begin with, you may want to farm out content creation, formatting duties, cover design, or editing.  The Kindle Cash Flow program can show you how to do this easily, effectively, and affordably.

–Understanding Amazon’s model to reap maximum value with minimum effort.

–Driving traffic to your author page.  This is crucial to book sales and word-of-mouth.

–How to select the best subject matter to publish, and price your books just right for maximum profit without leaving money on the table.

Ty Cohen updates this program regularly to keep up with the ever-changing world of Amazon eBook marketing.  After all, old information won’t work today, and the digital world is a rapidly evolving entity.

Begin by checking out Ty Cohen’s free video and website, outlining the main points of the Kindle Cash Flow program so you can see if it’s right for you.

People who aren’t even writers by trade are becoming millionaires using this and similar programs to develop and market the kinds of books people want to buy.  The choice you have to make is whether you want to sit on the sidelines or get involved and get your share of that multi-million dollar pie.

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