TY Frankel - How to Sign Mega Clients
TY Frankel – How to Sign Mega Clients
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TY Frankel – How to Sign Mega Clients



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Ever questioned how the hell agencies and freelancers manage to close six-figure transactions seemingly left and right?

But you’re limited to leftovers?


You close deals for $2k here and $5k there.




The way you close those large deals differs greatly from the way you close “cheapskate” deals.


Day and night.


I am aware because I signed these agreements with my agency:


Red Bull: almost $100K annually

All: $200K+ annually

$50K+ a year at Warner Bros.

These revenue figures were annual and constant from year to year.


You’ll learn all the methods and techniques I employed on my own and in helping others to close these enormous 6-figure “MEGA CLIENT” deals in this mini-course.




Why you’re cold emailing incorrectly and the one cold email tactic I used to earn over $350,000 annually in my agency The truth is this…


Some commercial SaaS providers have a booked sales call rate of up to 80%… PURCHASE THEIR EXACT STRATEGY INSIDE, which is essentially the blueprint for signing all the giant clients you could possibly want.


The bizarre justification for why cold emailing LESS individuals will increase your earnings.


Everything you need to draw a large number of mega clients to you is in this article, like bees to a honeypot.




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