Vinh Giang – Stage Academy
Vinh Giang – Stage Academy
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Vinh Giang – Stage Academy



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What is the STAGE Academy, and how does it work?

International Keynote Speaker Vinh Giang will lead you through the foundations of communication and presentation in the STAGE Academy, which comprises of 7 modules, 41 videos, and a total of 7+ hours of entertaining and instructive content. The toolbox you’ll get won’t just aid you with on-stage presentations; it’ll also help you with off-stage conversations.

Your voice is one of the most complicated instruments on the planet. However, when was the last time you sat down and learnt how to make the most of it? Learn to master your instrument once and for all. There will be no stone untouched. Vinh will go through vocal technique, storytelling, body language, and much more.


You can only be as good as your ability to communicate. You return to the Stage Academy after completing the program, magnifying the best aspects of yourself and boosting your capacity to live the life you want. Stop playing a tiny version of yourself; now is the time to step outside of your comfort zone and let your true self shine. Learn how to find your voice and maximize your potential.


Vinh has studied and worked with a variety of people.




What will I discover?


Mastery of the Voice

Learn to master your voice, the most crucial instrument in your life that enables you to have a bigger impression!




Through creative storytelling, discover the power of influence, connection, and persuasion.



Body Language is an important aspect of communication.

To bring your message to life, learn the fundamentals of body language.



Speaking in Public

As a leader, this is one of the most crucial abilities to master; hone it and your leadership will soar.




When you learn to be more self-aware, you’ll be able to perceive how others see you right now!




Learn how to create a story collection that you can access at any time!









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