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Vishal Malkan Courses
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Vishal Malkan Courses



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Vishal B Malkan, the founder of Malkans Training Institute Private Limited, is a well-known stock trader and personal development coach.

He began this adventure at the age of 16 and went through the ups and downs of the stock market before becoming a successful trader.


He mastered many theories, tactics, and notions during the course of his 27-year trading career, only to realize that it didn’t have to be this complicated.


He made it his personal mission to help the average individual understand and trade the stock market using basic strategies that even a 10-year-old child could understand.


Through his live seminars, workshops, videos, and online courses, he motivates millions of people from all walks of life to become expert traders.


Dr. Van Tharp, Dr. C K Narayan, Raamdeo Agrawal, Jack Schwager, Mark Minervini, and Steve Burns co-authored the book #CASHTAGS – How to Get Started with the Stock Markets and Level Up as a Power Trader to promote his message to millions.


Vishal’s inherent leadership abilities and dedication have helped him become a successful trainer, coach, and role model. Vishal is one of the most compelling speakers you’ll ever encounter, believing that honesty and encouragement bring out the best in people. His honesty, compassion, and natural leadership abilities have propelled him to success as a trainer, coach, mentor, and role model.


Through his live and online events, courses, and live workshops, his objective is to influence and impact 100 million individuals. He is dedicated to altering the way India trades.










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