Wilco De Kreij – Protect Your Ad Account
Wilco De Kreij – Protect Your Ad Account
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Wilco De Kreij – Protect Your Ad Account



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Your Blueprint to Protect Your Facebook™ Ad Account from Ever Becoming Disabled
(And Helps Win Your Appeal if It’s Already Happened)

Protect Your Ad Account is my insider system to stay on Facebook’s ‘good side’ (and even get accounts you thought were gone forever reinstated)…because just following Facebook’s terms-of-service isn’t enough to keep your account safe.
What’s Included with Your Protect Your Ad Account Purchase:

Keep your account safe from Facebook’s ‘ban hammer’
Recover your account in the event it becomes disabled
Make sure your ads are always compliant (even if someone writes them for you)
Properly warm up new ad accounts to avoid getting flagged
Immediately increase your account reputation by improving hidden factors (nothing to do with your ads or landing page!)
Contact Facebook™ 6 different ways (an appeal isn’t your only option)
Know the one thing to do after you win your account back… to prevent losing it again just months later



Wilco De Kreij – Protect Your Ad Account

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