Wilco de Kreij - The Perfect Ad Formula + Black Friday Playbook
Wilco de Kreij – The Perfect Ad Formula + Black Friday Playbook
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Wilco de Kreij – The Perfect Ad Formula + Black Friday Playbook



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“Could This Be The LAST Facebook Ad You’ll Need To
Acquire New Customers… On Autopilot?
i.e. This unique “ad formula” made me spent over $2 million of my own money on Facebook (hint: because it works!)


This Same Ad Formula Seems To Be Generating An Immediate Spike Of New Customers For Almost Any Facebook Advertiser Who Tries It…


If you’re running Facebook Ads…
It might feel daunting to create a new ad or creative every so often.
But I have good news for you:
Just ONE “winning ad” can generate a flow of new customers… for months, even years.
I know, I did.
One of my ads (and its variations) is the sole reason why I spent over $2 million of my own money on Facebook in the past few years.
If you’re reading this message right now, I bet you saw that ad at one point.
It got thousands of likes… and hundreds of comments and shares!


This ad was originally posted on July 11, 2018…
…which is like an eternity in Facebook years.
As you can see, it received 959 comments, 881 shares, and over 9K positive reactions…
and that’s only scratching the surface!
Since then I’ve duplicated the same ad countless times, created slight variations of it to test…
In total, this ad formula has generated 10M+ views and millions in revenue for my business.
And yes, they’re still running like clockwork…
(You can spy on my Facebook Library later if you want…)
Which means…

Just ONE Facebook Ad Can Really Make Your Business Take Off

Yet most Facebook advertisers, media buyers, and copywriters are continuously searching for the “next” ad or creative that’ll serve them for another week or two…

They run numerous tests on a regular basis, lose a ton of money, and lose hair…

Now, don’t get me wrong, I fully believe in constant testing and optimizing to grow your business, but…

But IF you’re spending the majority of your time each week trying to create new ads, images, and videos to test WITHOUT really knowing what works and what doesn’t workTHEN it means you’re playing a game that’s almost impossible to win

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

On this page, I’m gonna show you how to come up with new angles and hooks that are more likely to convert AND how to create & test these ads in a way you can quickly discover the winners and run them profitably for months or even years…

Now, having said that…

Let me be the first to admit:

I’m NOT Your Typical Online “Guru” or “Expert”

In case we haven’t met before, my name is Wilco de Kreij — the founder & CEO of Connectio.
Some people call me a “Facebook ads wizard” because in total I’ve spent over $2 million of my own money on Facebook (at an increasing rate…)
So I’ve been running a TON of experiments to see what works and doesn’t work.
I’ve also helped 20,000+ clients get a higher ROI from their Facebook Ads. You may know some of my clients, such as Mike Filsaime, Nicholas Kusmich, and many others.
However, I’m NOT your typical “ads guru” — as I’ll explain in the next few paragraphs.
I’m just a “marketing nerd” who loves Facebook Ads.
Although, I’m not going to lie… I did secretly enjoy it when Entrepreneur.com listed me as a “top Facebook expert”.


Obviously I didn’t start out like that.
There were a LOT of failed attempts before I got Facebook Ads to work (that’s a story for another day).
But I DIDN’T see these failed attempts as failures…
I saw them as “opportunities” to learn the ins and outs of creating Facebook ads that convert like crazy…

So I Discovered 6 Ad Formulas That Are Proven To Convert – Over And Over Again…

One of those ad formulas gave me my biggest winner – the one you saw above…

I still rotate that ad and its variations after 2 years — and I do it PROFITABLY!

And other 5 ad formulas helped me save the day when the Facebook algorithm went crazy or when CPMs went through the roof (these things happen, you know, especially this time of the year…)

So, I kept these ad formulas to myself for a long time…

And when I shared it with a small group of Connectio users, I got raving reviews (which I’ll share with you in a minute…)

However, these secret formulas weren’t open to the public…

But because of the hard times most small & medium businesses are facing lately…

And because I sincerely believe generating new customers using cold traffic is the ONLY way to keep a business afloat, surviving, and even thriving…

I’m opening the vault of my secret ad formulas with YOU…

…but for the next few days ONLY.



The “Perfect Ad Formula” is my masterclass on creating high converting Facebook ads people can’t resist.
If you’ve seen other courses about Facebook Ads, please DON’T be mistaken…
  • The “Perfect Ad Formula” is NOT another long-winded course that’s all theory!
  • It’s NOT a screencast of how to use the Ads Manager which will get outdated shortly
  • It’s NOT a bunch of untested templates that some online gurus wish were working (Ask me, I’ve tried most of that stuff! They just didn’t give me any positive results).
It’s a PROVEN set of strategies, ad templates, and checklists…
Insights that I discovered “in the trenches” as a direct result of spending my own money, time, and resources to grow my own businesses using Facebook Ads.
It’s a fast-paced & step-by-step program for business owners, media buyers, marketers or copywriters that almost guarantees you’ve got a winning Facebook ad campaign in place — no matter your previous experience.
Do you want to get more clients & sales using online ads?
Do you want to be able create ads almost in an instant, one that…
Facebook likes and approves
❤ People in your market loves
Runs profitably for months (or even a year)
Converts like a champ
If that’s what you want…
Then you most definitely need this “Perfect Ad Formula” masterclass!
My guess is that you might have tried Facebook Ads before (if not, you really should! It’s been the #1 traffic source for my businesses in the past 5 years…)
And if my previous experiences are any indication, you were left frustrated not knowing why your campaigns aren’t working as good as you’d expect them to be…
I know I was.
I’ve NOT taken the full potential of my Facebook ads for years.
Until I started to see patterns about what works and what doesn’t work…
Especially when it comes to how to come up with ad ideas, how to create hooks and angles that have a high-potential to work, how to write these ads in a compliant way…
I was frustrated for years…
But no one showed me what I’m revealing in my “Perfect Ad Formula” masterclass.
  • A step-by-step plan so you’ll know exactly what you should be doing and in which order. (And, don’t worry, these strategies won’t stop working 6 months from now, I start with fundamentals that’ll serve you even years from now…)
  • 19 in-depth videos that are guiding you through the implementation process, including my checklists for different types of ads and examples from my own business (as well as other businesses in different markets and niches) that have generated amazing results.
  • An interactive mindmap giving you a summary of the entire process at a glance (or in detail, if you navigate through it) — perfect for a quick review right before you create a new ad or campaign.
Again, this ISN’T merely a course or something you’ll be putting on the shelf to collect dust.
It’s much more than that.
It’s the closest thing possible to getting a “done-for-you” Facebook ads that are designed to convert.
Sounds too good to be true?
Then you might wanna meet Andrea – after putting these strategies and templates into practice, her new ad OUTPERFORMED every other ad she had tested in the past:

Andrea Ratlaff

I just launched a new ad yesterday and wanted to share the results! It’s been less than 24 hours so I realize it’s VERY early. However, this ad has OUTPERFORMED any other cold traffic ad I’ve done, and it’s thanks to the education from the Master Class.

Or Michael – who went through this masterclass multiple times and walked away with actionable tips and strategies every single time:

Michael Pauli

I was just checking again in the course and found a really valuable tip for a FB ad we will implement tomorrow…”
I’m NOT sharing these to brag…
I’m sharing these to show you what’s possible when you finally create a winning ad that works for you for many months and even a year.
So in case you’re already thinking about getting your hands on the “Perfect Ad Formula” masterclass…
Let’s address the obvious question:

“How Much Does This Cost?”

Before I answer this question, let me be crystal clear:
My core business is building software tools. I’m the founder and CEO of two different SaaS companies.
I create online courses (like this one) simply because I’m a marketing nerd and I believe in lifelong learning…
But, simply put:
Selling courses is NOT my core revenue model.
I don’t publish courses with the sole purpose to make big bucks – even though I’m good at it.
No, I only create and launch a course when I’m confident I have something *amazing* to share with like-minded business owners and marketers – stuff that no one else shares.
That’s why you will NOT find this “Perfect Ad Formula” masterclass anywhere on our site publicly or something similar anywhere else on the internet.
It’s only offered to our customers of our bestselling software tool who had already paid us $197, and the “Perfect Ad Formula” itself costs another $197.
So, you’d have to pay $394 ($197 + $197) to get your hands on these secrets, templates, and strategies…
That’s the real-life price we charge throughout the year.
And I sincerely believe $394 is a fair price to get your hands on the “Perfect Ad Formula” masterclass.
In fact, if you calculate the return on investment you’d get, the “Perfect Ad Formula” is probably worth even MORE considering how much money most business owners leave on the table by not taking the full advantage of their Facebook ads.
But today I’m NOT going to ask you to pay $394…
Thinking of the times we’re living right now as entrepreneurs all over the world, I’m willing to offer my special deal price of $197 as a marketing test…
This special price is normally reserved for our ConnectExplore customers who have already happily invested another $197 to get access to our bestselling tool…
But today I’m waiving that cost to make this an easier decision for you…
In fact…
I’m Going To Do Something Even Crazier…
And I’m going to make this a no-brainer offer by adding INCREDIBLE BONUSES…
Starting with…


“How to Write a Winning Ad Once… And Then Multiply It for Maximum Profits!”

What if there was a way to create a winning Facebook ad once — using my proven strategies and templates inside the “Perfect Ad Formula” masterclass…
And then easily MULTIPLY this ad and use its variations profitably for months and even years without writing a new ad from scratch?
(Hint: I’m NOT talking about duplicating an ad set or an ad!)
There IS a way…
I call it the “Ad Multiplier” method.
And it’s been one of my closely-guarded strategies on writing winning ads that work for months (in my case, for even over 18 months) WITHOUT hitting the “ad fatigue” wall.
In this mini-course, I reveal my “Ad Multiplier” method for the first time…
  • My step-by-step process on how to write, and scale high-converting ads
  • How to save time and eliminate guesswork while writing copy for Facebook by multiplying what’s already working
  • The best angles to use while multiplying your winning ad
I just filmed this short & punchy masterclass exclusively to go with the “Perfect Ad Formula” masterclass, so you can’t find this anywhere else.
Even if you think you are good at writing ad copy for Facebook, you wouldn’t want to skip this bonus training video.
It’ll be a game-changer for you…
I paid a little over $32,540 to get these 10 retargeting ad templates written, tested, analyzed, templatized and designed. And it’s literally the result of dozens of tests that I’ve run over the years.

This is my GIFT for anyone who gets the “Perfect Ad Formula” today…

And while this method is as valuable as the “Perfect Ad Formula” masterclass itself…
I’m just getting started…


“How to Get Your Facebook Ads Liked, Commented, and Shared Hundreds and Even Thousands of Times”

How would you like to create ads that get reactions like this:
Or this:
Or even this – with over 8k likes and loves, as well as hundreds of comments and shares:
I’ll be the first to admit:
Facebook Ads are an open target for internet trolls and haters…
But when you find the right angles for your ads…
…and when you touch the right emotions of your market…
…then it’s not that difficult to create a high-engagement Facebook ad like the ones above.
Ads that gets the attention and earns the trust of cold audiences…
Now you can discover the exact steps I follow to create highly engaging ads that people can’t resist to love, comment, and even share…
  • How to make sure Facebook likes and approves your ads quickly by leveraging the power of social proof early on when you first publish a new ad (and a common mistake to avoid that’ll hinder your results)
  • The #1 emotion that’s responsible for my highly-engaging ads(Forget about what bestselling copywriting books and courses tell you, these strategies don’t work on Facebook! Shame, pain, anger, fear and greed are the WORST emotions you can tap on while creating social ads…)
  • Once you have a high-engagement ad with tons of likes, comments, and shares… how do you get the most out of this ad? (It’ll be a long-term asset for your business IF you know this trick).
If you are not yet leveraging these social triggers, you have no idea what you’re missing out on…
I’ll show you how to replicate my results in less than 21 minutes…
It’s easier than you think.

This is my GIFT for anyone who gets the “Perfect Ad Formula” today…

That’s NOT all…
If you’re going to run Facebook Ads in 2020 and beyond, there’s one more indispensable skill that you need…


“Read This or Die:
How to Write Facebook Compliant Ad Copy”

If you’re a student of copywriting, you might see the irony on the headline:
“Read this or die!”
That’s a classic direct-response headline that’s commonly taught as a great example…
Yet, that’s the exact type of copy that Facebook hates.
So if you try swipe any classic ads for your Facebook ads…
Or if you even try to swipe some of your competitor’s ads that seem to be resonating with your market’s pain points, frustrations, and wants…
…you’re almost guaranteed to be doomed (i.e. banned from running ads ever again).
Even the most popular copywriting formula on the planet (PAS: Problem – Agitation – Solution) is a surefire way to get your ads disapproved and even get your ad account banned forever.
So, what do you do to write ad copy that’s Facebook friendly?
That’s exactly what I’ll be covering in this exclusive training video – which I recorded in late October 2020, it’s hot off the press…
  • My best (and latest) thinking on how to write Facebook compliant copy
  • The dilemma of using YOU/YOUR in your ad copy… (Should you avoid the YOU-based language at all costs, or is there a better way?)
  • Is there more to Facebook compliance than your ad copy? (YES! Your ads are just one part of the equation, it’s just tip of the iceberg…99.99% of Facebook advertisers have no idea about those other factors that can get your business banned from running Facebook Ads ever again!)
There’s a lot of noise (and bad advice) out there about writing Facebook compliant ad copy…
Inside this short and punchy video training, I’ll bust a lot of myths and bring clarity to your thinking on how to write Facebook friendly ad copy that still converts…

Get instant access to the recording of this special training video for FREE by ordering the “Perfect Ad Formula” today…

That’s NOT all…

I want you to discover how to maximize your results even further…


“Our Best Software for Facebook Advertisers… 5 Powerful Tools In One Place!”

Why do all the hard work yourself if you can automate it?
Over the last 5+ years, my team and I built a powerful software platform – Connectio – to make Facebook Ads way more effective using clever automation.
You’ll receive 30 days of UNLIMITED access to our Facebook™ marketing suite of software called ConnectSuite.
Why are we doing this? Simple. We think once you’ve tried ConnectSuite for 30 days, you’ll become one of our Suite customers for life.
Just Like Most Of Our 34,893
Connectio Users…

A shout out to Wilco. Working my way through the training videos, and what is being shared is awesome in every way. Also, the support team is fast and fabulous.

Christine Sutherland

I just wanted to say THANKS! This week I hit a massive milestone one of my accounts. In a single day, I got $406.33 revenue on a $5.63 ad spend – on just one ad. That’s an ROI of over 7000%! Thanks to the great advice and examples from the man himself, Wilco.

Tim Silver

I’ve been Wilco’s customer for years now and his customer support is fantastic. He’s a stayer. He’s been around for many years. If I have a question or I don’t know how to use it properly, I send them a message and they always help me out!

Nic Lucas

ConnectSuite is a set of 5 different tools that have been around for over 5 years…
Which helps you…
  • Fully automate some cumbersome tasks
  • Make some impossible targeting goals possible
  • Focus the most important visitors while creating retargeting campaigns
  • Grow your email list faster
  • Save you enormous amount of time
  • Bring harmony to your email list and Facebook ads
  • And more!
Just one of these 5 tools will help you turn $1 into $100, $250 or $500 easily…
Even turning it into $1,000 is NOT impossible if you’re ready to take massive action.
Plus you’ll be saving a TON of time…
Which means you’ll be focusing on nurturing your customers…
…doing what you love the most in your business…
…or spend more time with your family and friends.
This is a game-changer software for anyone running Facebook Ads…

Get 30-day FREE access to this all-in-one toolkit by ordering the “Perfect Ad Formula” masterclass today…

On top of all these bonuses…

“As A Way To Show Just How Serious I Am, I ’m Offering A
Full 30 Day Guarantee!

I’m so convinced that you’ll not only LOVE the “Perfect Ad Formula” and all the incredible bonuses that I’m offering today… but when you implement my action steps and use my proven ad templates, you’ll be amazed at your results.
Sign up for the Perfect Ad Formula today, get instant access to everything I’ve listed above with ZERO RISK.

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Order Today…

The “Perfect Ad Formula” Masterclass

  • In-Depth Video Training
  • Interactive Mindmap
  • Examples

BONUS 1: The “Ad Multiplier” Method


BONUS 2: The “High-Engagement Ad” Formula


BONUS 3: Secrets of Writing “Facebook Friendly” Ads


BONUS 4: 30-Day FREE Access to ConnectSuite

  • ConnectAudience
  • ConnectAutomate
  • ConnectExplore
  • ConnectLeads
  • ConnectRetarget
Get It All Right Now
Only $47
You see…
Right now, you can get this entire bundle with a 93+% DISCOUNT.
That’s a $641 saving!

There Is Just One Catch!

While I’m currently offering the “Perfect Ad Formula” (plus all the bonuses listed above) at a huge discount, this special deal is going to expire this Friday at 23:59 PST (October 30, 2020).
This means that once the countdown timer above hits zero, we’re going to replace this page with the “Sorry… This Offer Is Closed” page.
Let me be clear: This is NOT a fake scarcity tactic, it’s an honest attempt to help you take action today…
Why would I care about your success?
That’s because…
“Every Single Day WITHOUT These Strategies Could Be Wasted Time, Energy, And Revenue…”
…for business owners & digital marketers who want to grow and scale online.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.
I envision something BETTER for you (a LOT better!)
That’s why I’m offering the “Perfect Ad Formula” (plus all 4 bonuses) for a ridiculously low price of $47.
Even though it’s a one-time investment, I’m pretty sure it’ll deliver an ongoing return for you. That’s why I want you to join today…
Hope to see you inside…
 Wilco de Kreij

YES! I WANT “PERFECT AD FORMULA” RIGHT NOW!This is a LIMITED TIME offer which may be pulled soon.

P.S. If you’re one of those people (like me) who skip to the end of the page, here’s what this is all about:
The “Perfect Ad Formula” is a masterclass that helps you create Facebook-compliant and highly-engaging ads that CONVERT (in any niche that’s allowed to advertise on Facebook) using the power of my time-tested and proven ad templates & advanced ad generation strategies.
The core program shows you how to do it step-by-step

The ad templates,





Wilco de Kreij – The Perfect Ad Formula Black Friday Playbook

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