Wim Hof Power of the Mind
Wim Hof Power of the Mind
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Wim Hof Power of the Mind



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Deepen your training to become the complete master of your mind.

Intended for those who’ve successfully made their way through the Fundamentals course, or otherwise laid a robust Wim Hof Method foundation, this course offers a framework for further exploration of the limits of the body through connection with the mind.

The Power of the Mind course is centered around 8 challenges that demand a deep synergy of body and mind to be completed. Wim Hof prepares you for and guides you through each one, with a series of instructional videos.

Cultivating this mindset requires a substantial amount of time and effort, and a solid basis is indispensable. We therefore strongly recommend that you do not start this course before having completed either the Classic or Fundamentals video course.

If you feel that you possess adequate control over your mind to take that next step: jump in. Learn what it entails to adopt a mindset that allows you to successfully negotiate seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Become absolute master of your mind.

Note: Fundamentals course owners receive a 60% discount on the Power of the Mind course.




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