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These webinars are intended to assist intermediate and beginning traders in developing the attitudes, routines, and habits required for market success and continuous improvement.
Practice #2: Beliefs: How traders’ beliefs influence their results and how they view trading and the Wyckoff Method.


Routines: The core values and essential components of every Wyckoff trader’s routines (including examples of what we do)

Pre-trade evaluation

Trade management and analysis

Post-trade evaluation


modifying our behavior

Identification of typical trading behavioral errors

How to identify and fix those errors both immediately and in subsequent trades.


allowing deals to come to you

Learning to wait for the market to prepare itself for a trade

The use of restraint, mindfulness, and other spiritual techniques in trading


How to exercise

Success in trading depends not only on how much you practice, but also on how well you do it, just like in music, sports, and other endeavors.

Quantitative and qualitative approaches to deliberate practice in trading




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