Zapier Mastery Course
Zapier Mastery Course
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Zapier Mastery Course



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Master How to Use Zapier.

  • Learn Marketing Automation
  • Learn Business Process Automation
  • Learn Workflow Automation


Here are the lessons you will get:

Introduction to Zapier

Lesson 01 – An Introduction to Zapier and This Course (7:33)
Lesson 02 – Who Should Use Zapier? (6:09)
Lesson 03 – Understanding Zapier Pricing Plans (9:05)
Lesson 04 – When Not to Use Zapier (2:28)
Lesson 05 – What are Webhooks? (4:29)

Zapier Use Cases & Features

Lesson 06 – Send Data from Landing Page to Google Sheets (14:03)
Lesson 07 – Send Data from Blog Exit Popup to Google Sheets (9:05)
Lesson 08 – How to Create Multi-step Zaps (7:04)
Lesson 09 – Capturing Data from Payment Gateway and Using Filters (17:06)
Lesson 10 – How to Use Paths in Zapier (16:44)
Lesson 11 – How to Send SMS and Use Webhooks in Action Step (8:23)
Lesson 12 – How to Create an Affiliate Program with Zapier (16:07)
Lesson 13 – How to Update Google Sheet Rows with a Search Step (12:30)


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