Zarak Khan – The 80K Client
Zarak Khan – The 80K Client
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Zarak Khan – The 80K Client



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Before I begin… Yes, I’ll be discussing the 80k Client.

This is the most affordable course available.


-Batch 1


-No guarantees on future batches


Now that’s out of the way…


It isn’t as difficult as you may believe.


One client may pay you $2,000 each month, and that’s only the beginning.


With just 5 yeses, you’ll be on your way to making over $100,000 in free cash flow in your first year. That’s cash on the table.


If those clients pay you $5,000 per month on average, that’s $300,000.


Nothing is off the table in this course.


This is not a difficult task.


You are not required to perform meaningless chores for long periods of time.


You don’t need to work up the confidence to make a cold call.


You don’t need a long list of testimonials before someone believes in you.


I’m not remarkable; I don’t have any God-given abilities in my field. I simply put in long hours, consistently, and give results based on my previous experience. I’m a lot better than I was a year or three years ago, and I couldn’t fathom my life now. What I like best about the internet is that there is something for everyone. Everyone consumes food. As a result, I can assure you that there is no method I’m keeping hidden; instead, I choose to sell it, profit from it, and help you get the results you desire faster while knowing you’re on the right track. It makes a significant difference.


I chose to create this course because I believe there is far too much emphasis on obtaining clients and making sales calls all of the time…..


There’s a reason for that, after all. People are overly focused on acquiring new clients, chasing the rush of a new “sell” (I wish this upon you, and if you do what I say, it will happen). However, there is a problem.




When you spend all of your time focused on sales, you’re either lowering the time you have to perform your service, or worse…


Your client suffers and departs because you hired staff on Upwork without monitoring it.


You’ve now entered a downward spiral. Because people are churning, you must close new sales. If you cease selling, your bank account will eventually run dry.


This is harmful to both your psyche and your business.


It’s lot easier to take on a high-paying client, or one you can upsell based on your service, than it is to constantly seek out new clients.


I have a six-month queue for clients who I may or may not take on, depending on how busy our company is and whether it would affect our current clients’ performance.


I know exactly how much money my company will make this month, next month, and six months from now because we set clear expectations and follow through on our commitments. As a result, clients have no reason to leave – and they don’t.


I’ll show you how to get clients, scope high-value ones, keep them, and boost your monthly billings without expanding the number of clients you take on in this course.




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