The Master Closer Trilogy by Brett and Ethan
Brett and Ethan – The Master Closer Trilogy 
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Brett and Ethan – The Master Closer Trilogy 



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Get the FULL Sales System & Scripts to Persuade Prospects to Buy From You Using This New MIT Science of Persuasion **Private Message From Brett & Ethan – DO NOT CLOSE THIS PAGE**
In addition to teaching you the new science and psychology of selling to prospects in the information age, the Master Closer trilogy also provides you with scripts, questions, and templates you can use IMMEDIATELY (today) to close more sales.


You can see results IMMEDIATELY…on your very next sale…by using just a few of these email templates, presupposition strategies, or question templates.


By writing six figures per month and doing everything the “opposite” way from what I had been taught, I used these strategies to quickly rise to the top producer position in a 30-person agency.


You get the following:

Epoch 1:

The Master Closer: ($500 Value)


Learn about MIT’s top-secret research. By doing everything the OPPOSITE of what you have been taught, I used to develop Presuppositional Selling, which enables you to close at a higher rate than ever before.


Sleuth vs. Bungler: What sets a Sleuth apart from a Bungler. How to stop botching sales and start acting more like the master of persuasion Columbo.

using questions from Presup, this is the most potent “question set.” This makes your prospect realize that, deep down, they need you desperately to find a solution to a problem that, three minutes earlier, they had no idea they had. (You get scripts for dozens of these tested questions.)

Entitled “Incumbent Advisor Eliminator” Sick of educating prospects only to have them steal your illustrations and use them against you? See exactly how to prohibit entrenched advisors from stealing your deals ever again.

Motivate the Unmotivated: You come across dozens, perhaps hundreds of quality prospects every year who would be great cases if they were more motivated. But too often they dismiss you with “I’m not interested.”


**These uninterested, although affluent, prospects cost you hundreds of thousands in commissions since without motivation, you can’t even have a conversation.


Traditional selling teaches ‘disqualify and move on’ but in the Master closer you’ll understand how to employ FRAME CONTROL & presuppositions to build instant motivation so instead prospects say “I’ve never heard of that before, lets talk.”

STOP DEALS GONE DARK; Get the exact script for the end of each sales call to ensure you always have an appointment set and prospects always show up! (You’ll even hear how to ensure a prospect agrees to NEVER go dark on your for any reason. This is PURE GOLD).

Exactly what to answer when a prospect says “Can you simply send me the illustration so I can review it?” (HINT: NEVER send papers to a prospect before closing the sale. This is basically a guarantee you’ll lose the deal.)

What to do when someone offers the “FEES are too high” excuse for not buying…you’ll turn the fee talk into one of your most persuasive sales points.


Epoch 2:

Questions Are King: (Value: $500)

Stop Feeling Pressure During The Sales Process…

FINALLY! Make Selling Fun By Making Your Prospects Do All The Work Selling Themselves.


“Questions are King” exploits the core concept that questions are what cause prospects CLOSE THEMSELVES…


This gives you EXACT questions, scripting and a strategy to help prospects determine that buying from you is the best decision conceivable.


HOW to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE all other alternatives (competitors): This counterintuitive session shows you how to force your prospect to entirely exclude all other options like bonds, equities, bank accounts, even putting money in the mattress…including doing nothing…practically forcing them to buy your solution. (When you hear this your mind will be blown…it works amazingly well.)

Compound Authority: How to make selling easy by becoming the preeminent authority before ever talking with a prospect.

The Belief Chain Transformation: Use questions to get your prospect to come to the conclusion YOU WANT them to arrive it…without telling them anything.

INTRINSIC URGENCY EMERGENCY: This business is hard because there is never any clear deadline for the prospect to take action. Retailers have sales that go away. CPA’s have April 15th, Lawyers have legal deadlines, we got nothing.


This lack of urgency lets prospects put off making a decision, but learning this skill of creating INTRINSIC URGENCY by asking questions will be worth tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands to you.

Yeah But! This is the deadly reply going on in your prospects mind every time you make a statement or suggestion. See how we make the prospect come up with all their own problems and why they need to take action now to resolve them.

EMBRACE THE NEGATIVE: Why you should Love the Word NO! All humans two primal desires; to feel safe and to feel in control. Pushing for a yes violates these two desires and kills your sales momentum. Learn why phrasing all your questions to elicit a NO, or negative, leads your prospect You’ll see exactly how to do this here.

MISSION AND VISION: How to create an EMOTIONAL vision of the future your prospects desperately wants. Use this emotion to help them to take action NOW.

STOP PROCRASTINATORS & CREATE URGENCY: There is nothing more frustrating than a prospect who is qualified and interested but won’t pull the trigger. Learn this powerful secret to help your prospect decide the best time to buy is NOW. (this doesn’t use scare tactics, or predicting a market crash.)

NEVER ASK A QUESTION UNTIL: Before you ever ask a question, do this 1 thing to set up the question so the prospect discovers the conclusion you want them to come to.

The 3 different YES’s: Prospects give you three different yes’s but only one is real. Discover which of the three is real, and how to create commitment to take action.

The 7 step Objection Exterminator. These 7 steps make your prospects do all the work to overcome their own objections… all you have to do is ask a series of carefully scripted questions and viola! Objection Exterminated.

Create MOTIVATION: How to engineer motivation within your prospect so they WANT to buy worse than you want the sale.




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