Frenky Shaw - Blackhat Course
Frenky Shaw – Blackhat Course
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Frenky Shaw – Blackhat Course



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Redpill Introduction (0:40)



The best testing strategy for TikTok (7:07)


TikTok Scaling Made Simple ($50k+ Day) (12:22)


Run any Tiktok, Facebook, or Google advertisements with domain cloaking setup. (3:55)


“Bulletproof” Subscription Revenue Making Method + MRR Store Reveal (6:32)


“Bump” Updated Glitch Method (7:56)


Regular Bid Cap Strategy (3:35)


Simple Payment Processing (5:59)


How to Create a Huge Online Presence for Your Brand. (10:50)


New Product Research Techniques (23:30)


Setup of Virtual Cards for Glitch Techniques and Regular Use (4:14)


Updated Tiktok Bully Method 2022 (19:44)



What mood are you in? (0:08)











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