Tiago Forte – Building a Second Brain
Tiago Forte – Building a Second Brain
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Tiago Forte – Building a Second Brain



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This Building a Second Brain methodology will help you learn how to:

  1. Continuously bring your goals and projects towards successful completion by organizing and accessing your information in a way that is results-oriented
  2. Transform your knowledge into revenue by taking advantage of the rapidly expanding knowledge economy
  3. Discover new patterning and links between concepts
  4. Reducing stress as well as “information overload” by efficiently managing and curating your personal data stream
  5. Build important expertise, knowledge and the abilities to use this knowledge in your new work or profession.
  6. Create a repository of useful information and knowledge in the course of time, without having to adhere to strict, time-consuming guidelines
  7. Get the most value of the vast learning resources available around you like online workshops, courses books, articles podcasts, forums, and more.



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