Kate Bagoy - Six Figure Freelancers
Kate Bagoy – Six Figure Freelancers
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Kate Bagoy – Six Figure Freelancers



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Design a Life & Business You Love
This coaching program will guide you step-by-step through starting a #workanywhere freelance business that’ll replace your salary.

You’re great at your craft.

Maybe you’re a world-class designer. An amazing writer. The BEST event planner in the world.

But you suck at business.

You’re, like, super talented and have done ahhhmazing work for big companies. Your resume is like a hitlist of “dream” companies.

When it comes to finding freelance work, you have no idea how to market yourself, and the thought of pitching to clients makes you throw up in your mouth a bit.

The last time you tried going freelance full-time you ended up using couch pennies to buy a gallon of gas at the BP, and now you’re convinced you’re a failure and you’re afraid to leave those golden handcuffs.

Meanwhile, your soul dies a little more everyday when you walk into the cubicle farm.

Sure you love your cubicle family when they pop up over the cube walls to say hi in the morning… but if you have to sit in yet another quarterly meeting about “synergy,” you might just set fire to the building.

You see other people living your dream -freelancing from foreign countries, traveling with Remote Year or living on an island and you wonder how TF they’re doing it.

You’re so much more talented.

Why are they out there living it up and succeeding while you’re stuck in a cubicle preparing TPS reports and microwave meals?


They learned how to market themselves and how to run a freelance BUSINESS instead of hunting for freelance “gigs.”




Kate Bagoy – Six Figure Freelancers

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